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Top 5 PUBG Esports Teams Worldwide!

Community May 5, 2022

PUBG Esports will continue to develop in 2022. It will feature foreign teams as well as participants to offer a one-of-a-kind experience with PUBG Esports. PUBG teams and players have competed in regional contests to fight for top global leagues, increasing the relevance of competitive sports.

PUBG has grown into a full-fledged Esports for a while and is growing continuously Here are some of the most well-known PUBG teams in the world. Now, let's have a look at the top five teams!

NewHappy Esports

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NewHappy Esports are among the world's best PUBG teams. This Chinese team has dominated several competitions by finishing first. They won the PUBG Champions League: Summer in 2021 and the PUBG Champions League: Spring in 2022. They also won the Huya Stands Cup Season 2 and the AfreecaTV PUBG League: 2021 Winter Season.

Their current roster contains:

  • Chen "MMing" Yinan
  • Zhou " ZpYan1" Pinyan
  • Ma "Awen" Wenwen
  • Wang "HS" Yanwen’
  • Li "Nannnn" Nanjiang

Northern Lights

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They are a Russian team led by Kirill "Lu" Lukyanov, who has had remarkable success in their run with several first and second place results, making them a force to be reckoned with! In 2020, they won the PSL - Spring Showdown 2022 as well as the PUBG Continental Series 3: Europe.

Their current roster contains:

  • Aleksandr "BatulinS" Batulin
  • Kirill " Lu" Lukyanov
  • Dmytrii " Perfect1ks" Dubenyuk
  • Yaroslav "spyrro" Kuvichko

Shoot To Kill

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Shoot To Kill is a North American PUBG team. Despite the fact that they are not linked with any organization, they have results that place them among the top NA PUBG teams! With a first-place finish in ESL PUBG Masters: Americas Phase 1 2021 and a second-place finish in ESL PUBG Masters: Americas Phase 1 2022. They have a good track record. They also won the PUBG Continental Series 1: North America in 2021!

Their current roster contains:

  • Aaron "aLOW" Lommen
  • Luke " luke12" Newey
  • Andrew "Pentalol" Franco
  • Kurtis "Purdy" Bond


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Heroic (formerly Omaken Sports) is a Norwegian PUBG club with some world-class players. They haven't won a competition in a long time, but they've gone dangerously close. They finished second in both the PUBG Global Championship 2021 and the PUBG Finland - PSL Season 10 tournaments. They just finished third in the PSL - Spring Showdown 2022.

Their roster contains:

  • Paavo "PaG3" Voutilainen
  • Luke "TeaBone" Crafer
  • Benjamin "Beami" Steffensen
  • Timi "curexi" Tenhula

Danawa Esports

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Danawa Esports is a South Korean PUBG team. Danawa, the electronics retailer, is in charge. They have an excellent record, having finished second in the PUBG WEEKLY SERIES: EAST ASIA Phase 1, fifth in the PUBG Global Championship 2021, second in the AfreecaTV PUBG League: 2021 Fall Season, and third in the PUBG Continental Series 5: Asia.

Their current roster contains:

  • Cho "seoul" Gi-yeol
  • Kang "LeClo" Min-joon
  • Woo "Salute" Je-hyeon
  • Kim "Rex" Hae-chan
  • Ahn "HelleN" Kang-Hyun

That is all for this blog, hope you enjoyed it and now know on which teams, you should keep an eye for!

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