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Top 5 Popular Games that got Banned

Community Apr 1, 2022

Video games have always been in the middle of controversy ever since they started to be popular. However, it is not always the people’s mentality that makes video games banned, there are times when the developers fail to take account of a particular country’s political situation before portraying that place in their games. Nonetheless, it seems like video games and governments are always at each other’s throats. Today, we will be getting some of the popular games that got banned for understandable reasons, and some that just felt dumb.

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Top 5 Popular Games that Got Banned

Without further ado, let us get into the games that have been banned.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Developed by Ubisoft Paris and Red Storm Entertainment. This is the sequel to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and the game takes place in 2014. The setting of the game is in the south of the Mexico- United States border. If you have played the prequel, then you will know that there is nothing in the game that might get it banned. The violence in the game is not so much that it would get banned. However, the reason why it was so banned was for political reasons.

Credits to Konga. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

What happened was that the whole game focused on a conflict between Mexican Loyalists and the US Army. The problem arose when most of the towns that were depicted in the game were shown realistically. This led the Mayor of Ciudad Juárez to be very critical of the game, for it had the potential to scare the tourists with such violent, unrealistic settings. Therefore, the Mexican government decided to ban the game, and ever since then, the game has not been sold in the country.


This is another first-person shooter game that was banned for political reasons. Developed by Kaos Studios, the game is set in a near-future time when North Korea has sent a military occupation to the Western United States. This game was not objected to because of its violent nature, but of its political stance. However, this also brought the game a lot of criticism. Some critics approved of the political straightforwardness that the game portrayed, but most of them thought that the developers should have done thorough research before releasing it.

Credits to Steam. Homefront.

The first backlash that the game faced was that when the game was launched, it was at a time when there was a lot of unrest going on in North Korea. The game portrayed a unified Korea set in 2027, which was quite a controversial one. South Korea banned the game, as they were not happy with the fact that the developers had depicted a unified Korea under then-leader Jong II. This was also the reason Japan banned the game, as they did not want things to be too obvious, as many references to Korea and Jong II were later censored or changed to simply a country in the North.

Football Manager 2005

This is a game that you might not have even expected to be on the banned list. The game is just like when two teams are playing football. However, this simple football game had sparked a few controversies, one of which was political in nature. This came as quite a shock to the players. Most of the controversies were related to copyright issues. These issues were mostly over the names of the football players used in the game. Though they were solved in the court of law, people were quite shocked over all the issues they had to face.

Credits to Softtonic. Football Manager 2005.

However, one of the major controversies that the game got involved in was with China. The game depicted Taiwan and Tibet as two separate countries, and the Chinese government thought that the game was threatening the sovereignty of the country. But the game, later on, removed both the countries as separate and included them under China. Yet, they had banned the game in their region.

GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, has always been controversial and has been banned in multiple places. The main reason is that the game is usually filled with a lot of violence, abuse, sexual scenes, and other things like that. Yet, there are a lot of places where the game is still being sold under AO ratings. However, even in those places, they have faced a lot of backlashes. There are some games whose popularity comes from the very fact that they are facing controversy or are getting banned. The GTA runs on the same policy.

Credits to Cartridge. GTA: San Andreas.

One of the major controversies, or why the game became so infamous, is the minigame in GTA: San Andreas. You might already have guessed the name of the minigame, Hot Coffee Mod. This minigame was banned and so controversial because it portrayed quite graphic visuals of sexual interactions. This was condemned by a lot of people, and there was a lawsuit because the developers had not been informed about this specific mod. Although later on, the game was put into AO, it was still banned in Australia.

EA Sports MMA

Now we are sure that the reason why this game was banned will be one of the least serious on this whole list. Basically, this is a wrestling video game, and it has been followed by a lot of controversies. Most of the controversies were because of the characters' impersonating real-life wrestlers, and they were not happy with how they had been portrayed.

Credits to EA Sports MMA.

However, the game was still banned in Denmark, and the reason for this ban was that they had promoted energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, which were not allowed in Denmark. They could have asked for some sort of censorship, but instead decided to ban the whole game from their region. Of course, this was something that made some of the gamers in Denmark quite angry.

Honorable Mentions

Well, these were the top 5 popular games that got banned for either some serious reason, or for reasons that were completely unnecessary, and could have been solved through censorship. Here are some more games that were banned:

Bully: Another Rockstar Games development. The game was first banned in Brazil and the UK. The reason why the game was banned was that it depicted a schoolboy bullying others and even beating up adults. This was seen as immoral and gave the children a bad impression. Later on, the game was again rectified and released in the UK.

Credits to HOT APP. Bully Game.

The Guy Game: This game had a lot of reasons to get banned. Firstly, the game is filled with sexual content. However, that is not what is problematic in the game. The developers had used underage girls in the game to film all the sexual scenes and were thereby sued for child pornography.

Credits to Scot the woz Wiki. The Guy Game.

Pokémon Series: Now this is another game that one might feel is too childish or innocent to get banned for. However, in some Middle Eastern countries, the games are banned as they seem to go against their religious narratives or strictures. Also, one of the major controversies that Pokémon Go faced was the numerous deaths of teenagers and adults who were too busy catching Pokémon on the road. This led to the game being banned in a number of countries.

Credits to Google Play. Pokemon Go.


These were some of the games that had been banned for numerous reasons. Do you think there could be some more games that deserved to be on the list? Comment down below!

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