Top 5 most adventurous video games. Picture: IGN

Top 5 most adventurous video games. Picture: IGN

Top 5 most adventurous video games

Community Dec 6, 2022

The adventure genre loosely emphasizes narrative and exploration over action, which may also rely on light puzzle mechanics.


  • An adventure game is a video game genre in which the player assumes the role of a protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and/or puzzle-solving.
  • The genre's focus on story allows it to draw heavily from other narrative-based media, literature, and film, encompassing various literary genres.

The adventure genre is broadly characterized as one that prioritizes story and discovery above action. It may also depend on simple puzzle elements, far from defining a game with adventure. In other words, a game that lacks enough simulation to qualify as a sim, action to qualify as an action game, problem-solving to qualify as a puzzle game, and so forth.

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Despite the unclear label, games of this category are wonderful experiences, frequently delving into intriguing and novel ideas. Some of the genres' towering titans are omitted from this list to focus on currently popular games. However, feel free to browse our list of the top adventure games available now if you want to learn more about today's fantastic experiences.


Picture: Stray

You find yourself walking the streets of a neon-lit, robot-filled metropolis, lost and alone. And you're a cat, too. Players were originally drawn to Stray's cat protagonist in 2020 at Sony's Future of Gaming Show. Both reviewers and fans have praised the creature for its endearing behaviors. The game's story revolves around the titular stray stuck in a mystery city devoid of human life and who wants to be reunited with their family.

Fortunately, you won't be working alone on your mission since you quickly come across B12, a helpful drone that can assist you in navigating the area and interacting with the locals. Despite just providing a few hours of gameplay, Stray earns a position on our list because of its detailed setting, astute platforming, and endearing lead character.


Norco offers a compelling, sometimes upsetting, and often a darkly amusing story in a surrealist interpretation of Louisiana. You take on the role of Kay, a young lady who has lived away for a while to cope with the death of her estranged mother. When your brother goes missing, Kay discovers a paranormal mystery and an industrial conspiracy engulfing the little community, and things get weird.

Norco has excellent writing, lovable characters, and an intriguing setting that infuses the sci-fi aspects into its Deep South style. The best part is that the engaging point-and-click puzzles don't become too complicated, and the game offers lots of instructions to keep players informed about what to do and what's occurring. Fans of adventure games shouldn't miss Norco, a memorable Southern Gothic romp.

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Ahead of Your Eyes

Do not blink, please. This very unusual game debuted earlier this year and completely wowed us with its fresh and moving approach to narrative. Blinking your eyes advances the game using the player's webcam. This unique concept isn't just there for show; it genuinely helps the story, in which you, as recently departed Benjamin Brynn, reflect on your life experiences while you are transported to the afterlife.

Even if you didn't plan to, blinking causes the game to skip over the protagonist's personal history. In contrast to earlier games, when you would really experience the main character's memories and occasionally wish they hadn't passed so swiftly, this gives an immersive feeling.

Literature Club Plus Doki Doki

Doki Doki Reading Club Plus, an expanded version of Team Salvato's 2017 game, delivers players the schoolboy narrative of love and literature with improved graphics, more side story objectives, additional music, and over 100 photos to unlock. Contrary to what the adorable, dating sim exterior of the game would have you think, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus isn't all rainbows and bubble gum.

It is simple to give away the ending to those who haven't played the game; however, if you are aware that you are easily offended by specific situations, go here for more information on how to get content warnings. Anyone eager to get in may anticipate creating poetry, getting to know the adorable characters, and learning startlingly surprising information.

Kentucky Route Zero: Television Version

Picture: Kentucky Route Zero: Television Version

Kentucky Route Zero is bizarre, surreal, and all too real; it will stay with you long after you put the controller down. Deliveryman Conway travels the mysterious road that serves as the film's title as it explores the unfulfilled promise of the American dream. Conway, a native of Kentucky, wanders along Route Zero, just attempting to complete his final chore of the day.

Along the route, he encounters individuals struggling with similar problems, such as drug misuse, poverty, and corporate growth. All these problems are contained in a bizarre point-and-click game where you may run into both the incredible and the commonplace. The gameplay develops via a succession of decisions, such as where to go, what to say, or what to believe, that occasionally change the course of the story, though not its ultimate destiny.

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True Colors: A Stranger's Life

You may see the emotions of others around you by seeing through Alex Chen, an empath. The super-strong lead character, represented by various vibrant auras, may assist others in overcoming their most difficult issues and, in certain circumstances, completely remove challenging feelings. Alex does not consider herself a hero, however. She is certain that her ability is a curse that labels her as a damaged freak after struggling through the foster care system for years.

She only starts to see things differently once she meets her long-lost brother. True Colors is a moving examination of mankind that follows in the footsteps of earlier Life is Strange games. The supernatural aspects serve to emphasize the story's character-driven characters. The gameplay mostly involves moving about, interacting with things and people in the environment, and making choices that impact the characters' personalities and the storyline.

In the Woods at Night

With the latest iOS release of Night in the Woods, a brand-new group of players may explore the mysterious mystery lurking inside the cozy-seeming narrative. It was first released in 2017, and according to our review, it's a game "about errors, irresponsibility, and camaraderie, all wrapped together in a colourful journey."

The cartoon-like character designs, vivid colour scheme, and straightforward gameplay may lead a player to believe that Night in the Woods' story would be lighthearted, but the game tackles several challenging subjects. Mae, a recent college dropout, reluctantly returns to her hometown at the start of the narrative. She reaches out to former acquaintances, locals, and her family as she copes with her failure before discovering a sinister secret.

Outside Wilds

Only a few days ago, Outer Wilds' first and last DLC, Echoes of the Eye, made its premiere, putting the game back on many gamers' "to-play" lists during this hectic release season. The additional DLC, shown during publisher Annapurna Interactive's first self-produced presentation, according to developer Mobius Digital, perfectly integrates with the original game's story while presenting brand-new secrets to discover in the Dark Bramble.

Space travel and a mission to prevent the end of the universe are the main themes of the time loop experience that serves as the game's foundation. Even if you had more time to do it than only 20 minutes, it would still be a difficult assignment. You may die in a mind-bogglingly wide variety of ways, such as having all the air sucked out of your lungs, colliding with a planet, or taking a good, old-fashioned fall off a cliff. As a result, despite the experience's cosmic grandeur, it may sometimes be irritating.


Sable, a gorgeous exploration-driven adventure, just came out last week. You take on the role of Sable, a teenage girl on the Midden desert planet who is ready to go off on her coming-of-age expedition known as the Gliding. Sable strongly advises you to explore the environment to see what you can find, even if there is a purpose for your journey to collect as many masks as possible.

And you uncover some incredible stuff. The colourful and fashionable design of the environment brings the desolate countryside to life, and a wide variety of NPCs continually give you new reasons to explore. The atmosphere entices you to climb, glide, and ride your motorcycle while exploring all the secrets you can see on the horizon, even without having any particular mission to perform.

How Much of Edith Finch Is Left?

Picture: How Much of Edith Finch Is Left?

What Remains of Edith Finch has continued to release on new platforms and devices despite having its official debut in 2017. It debuted on the Switch in 2019, became a member of Game Pass in January, was included in developer Annapurna Interactive's PS4 Box bundle in February, and even made an appearance on iOS in August. So it's difficult to miss this game. What Remains of Edith Finch blends several vignettes that differ in style and gameplay to gradually reveal a tale brimming with sadness, nostalgia, and family heritage.

It is a quick, reflective trip through an odd family house. Each chapter of the narrative describes a familial curse-related death of a Finch family member, ranging from the horrible to the fantastic. Joe Juba compared it to some of the best adventure games ever made and termed it "the next significant step ahead" in games where the story is revealed as the player explores the environment.

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