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Top 5 Indian CODM Players

Community Apr 7, 2022

Call of Duty (COD) is an excellent video game. It is a first-person shooter game launched by Activision in 2003. It was developed by Infinity Ward. COD mobile is among the most popular games for competitive gaming. It broke all previous records by having received 100 million downloads in the first week. In the first month, it exceeded 150 million installations, and in just two months, it surpassed 172 million. While COD could be played for fun, some players take it seriously enough to make it a career.

The professional scene in India is swarming with talented youngsters. There will be gamers with outstanding gameplay and stats wherever there is competition. Now let's look more closely at some of the top 5 COD Mobile players in 2022.


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Jash "Learn" Shah is a talented and well-known player on the Indian COD Mobile scene. He is currently a member of Godlike. Learn is also the team's IGL (in-game leader). In games, he frequently plays the Sniper position for his squad.

In 2019, Learn began his COD Mobile career with Aesthetic X. In 2020, he joined Team Mayhem. He departed the group and joined Team Insidious a year later.

Learn has had a lot of success over the years with both Team Mayhem And Insidious. Learn has dominated the scene pretty well, beginning with his victory in the Call Of Duty: Mobile India Cup - Pro with Team Mayhem at the start of 2021, and continuing with his recent win in the QSEC - Grand Final Championship and CODM World Championship 2021 - SA & ME Finals with Team Insidious.


Gaurang "Prevail" Palav is one of those generational players who can easily dispatch T1 squads without breaking a sweat. To comprehend the brilliance behind the screen, one must closely observe his games. GodLike's "Prevail" triumphs under pressure and always delivers victory for his side.

His remarkable ascent in the Indian mobile gaming scene has established him as a pillar of the country's COD Mobile community. Even though he has retired, he is still remembered as one of the monsters who would frighten anyone.


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Akshan "Argon" Madhani is a highly skilled player on the Indian COD Mobile scene. He began his career as a professional in COD Mobile in 2019 and is presently a member of Team Vitality.

Team Vitality is among COD Mobile newest teams. Despite the fact that they are a new squad, they have had a lot of success recently.


The COVID-19 epidemic had a global impact, including the COD: Mobile World Championship 2020. Team Mayhem of India made our country proud by winning the regional playoffs and becoming the tournament's only Indian team to reach the top eight.

Anirudh "Vegaz" Vhavle, the team's primary slayer, was instrumental in the team's success in the critical  COD: Mobile event. Fans around the country dubbed Vegaz the 'MVP of the Regional Playoffs' as the event continued. Vegaz and his team are currently members of Insidious Esports, also known as TeamIND. Anirudh will undoubtedly play an important role. He has clearly matured as a player and as a teammate.


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Parth "Minho" Rane, a 21-year-old Indian, is juggling his career as a top professional COD mobile player with his academics and personal life. It is both a difficult and impressive task. Almost every professional player in India is aware of this way of life, but not everyone is as dedicated and tenacious as he is.

He is a member of the Revenant Esports COD Mobile MP roster. His passion and perseverance have earned him several titles over the years, but his success has not made him sluggish.

Minho is well-known in the professional COD Mobile competition for his controlled and methodical gameplay. Minho has seen both victories and tragedies as a professional player, but he has learned to treat both equally.

He began playing COD Mobile with his mates for fun during the beta period. When the worldwide version was launched, he began competing with a clan called TeamNasty, and after a month or two, he returned to his former clan, Aesthetic X (AeX) as a replacement.

After 3-4 months of hard work at AeX, he moved on to I2K, which was scooped up by Trinity. The team was then picked by GodLike and after IGLing there and dominating the scene, he moved on to Revenant Esports.

That’s all for this article, we cannot wait to see these players perform in the upcoming tournaments and championships.

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