What were the guns that had to be nerfed in CSGO? Photo via Valve.

What were the guns that had to be nerfed in CSGO? Photo via Valve.

Top 5 gun nerfs in CSGO

Strategy Nov 29, 2022

What were the guns that had to be nerfed in CSGO?

CSGO developers had to nerf some of the most popular guns in the game due to their overpowered nature. Over the years, there were several guns emerged and set a new meta that pro players started abusing it. More often than not said guns disrupted the balance of the game and devs had to step in to restore the balance. Some of these guns were so overpowered in nature that they changed the way this game was played and teams adapted their playstyle according to them.

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Today we look at some of the guns that changed the way Counter-Strike was played in recent times and got nerfed after their true potential was exposed by the pros.

R8 Revolver

One of the most broken guns. Photo via Valve. 

The genuine 'drawback' of the weapon, which should keep it in accordance with different firearms of the game, was the pulling of the trigger. A portion of a moment of inertness among pointing and shooting ought to make this weapon challenging to use. Yet pros found a way to abuse its qualities Pulling the trigger with the left mouse button and promptly shooting with the right one permitted players to join the accuracy and the speed of both shooting modes. Clearly, Valve hadn't intended this. However, unexpectedly, the players had the option to purchase a weapon that had the accuracy and the harm result of an AWP during the gun round as of now. a weapon that was underneath $1000. In the expert space, the players for the most part consented to keep away from the weapon. Clearly, the gun was fixed and is currently only one firearm among many. Years after the fact, this piece of the game has nearly been neglected. At times, the pistol reemerges in matchmaking and advises us that, for a whole feeble, this weapon flipped around the whole game.


The most iconic weapon in Esports. Photo via CSGO. 

It's a really critical nerf for the expensive and coveted sniper rifle, which has for quite some time been a fan favourite in the game. Such a colossal decrease of magazine size will undoubtedly influence how players approach Counter-Strike inc both on the easygoing and the cutthroat scene. Particularly when you think about the weapon's excessive cost, at $4,750 in the game. With a diminished magazine size, players are considerably more liable to give the AWP a generous amount of space. The notorious sharpshooter rifle has seen its magazine size cut down the middle, down to 5 from its past 10. A really extreme cut - and it's not by any means the only firearm getting nerfed in this update, as the M4A1-S rifle is currently less compelling at significant distances.

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The AWP killer. Photo via Valve. 

When both the AUG and SG553 received a massive price cut everybody saw the weapon's true capacity and they were addressing why they weren't buying the weapons previously. After everybody became acclimated to both these weapons, Valve understood that it was going crazy and chose to gradually nerf the firearms little by little. The first nerf showed up at the AUG which increased its cost and reduced the fire rate. The AUG went to its unique cost before the buff and its fire rate diminished to 600RPM from 667RPM (M4A4 RPM). Since these progressions the AUG has seen a huge decrease in buys as the M4A4 recovers its situation as the most famous Counter-Terrorist home rifle.


M4A1-S has changed the dynamics of the CT side. Photo via Valve.

The M4A1-S has been at the focal point of discussion among professional players since September 2021, when Valve updated the rifle's body damage. Numerous geniuses quickly began playing with the silenced rifle and left the M4A4, as a result of the buffs as well as on the grounds that the M4A1-S is marginally less expensive. To adjust the M4A1-S, Valve has diminished the magazine size of the rifle from 25 to 20, really turning around a buff that was made in Walk 2019. This change could have an impact since now individuals ought to consider whether it is reasonable to spam projectiles through walls and smoke as the magazine size has been reduced in an effort to balance the weapon in accordance with its price.


The aug united the pro scene against itself. Photo via Valve.

On the off chance that one has been following the CS: GO eSports scene for a couple of years, the AUG meta would not have gone unnoticed. The recent value drop of the AUG and the SSG-553 saw the two firearms get nerfed and has been an immediate reaction to the criticism by the community and professional players. Talking about the changes, the fire rate has been decreased and the precision while unscoped has been reduced to align it with different rifles. This change is probably going to influence the game's meta since it impressively diminishes the firearm's importance given the way that this nerf follows the increase in the cost of the AUG.

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