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Top 5 Esports Tournaments Apps You Need to Download Right Now

Community Mar 25, 2022

Esports has been on the rise quite recently, and much of the cause should be credited to the Pandemic. During the lockdown, people found it easier to handle their jobs and gaming careers simultaneously. Therefore, there had been an acute rise in new talents getting into Esports. Previously, there were hardly a few games for which there were tournaments. Official Esports was quite limited. However, now the situation has turned out to be quite different, with numerous games getting the recognition of being in the esports. Now, to become an official esports player, you need to participate in tournaments.

How to Get into Tournaments?

Now, this is another concern and step that you must fulfill if you are looking forward to being a prominent name in the Gaming industry. Once you start participating in tournaments, it is half the battle won. At first, you cannot expect to get noticed by the big sharks like CLoud9, or Fnatic, so you have to try to find the local teams. To get recruited by the local teams, you will have to play tournaments.

This is not an easy task to do. You might come across multiple tournaments being held online, yet there is always an 80% chance that you might get graded, or cheated on. Some tournament organizers might ask you to pay a certain amount of money to enter, and on the day of the tournament, you might find that it was all a scam! To avoid such a problem, we would recommend you to use some Tournaments apps which are verified and popular.

What are the Top 5 Esports Tournaments Apps?

So now we will get into what are the apps that you might want to go for if you want to enroll yourself in tournaments and scrims.


If you are looking for tournaments and trying to get noticed by quite an elite class of organizers, then we would recommend you to go for Tournafest. What makes the app so trustworthy is that they will ensure that the organizers are authentic and that you get the amount you have been promised, if you and your team end up winning the match. For the Gamers, now finding good Tournaments is no longer a task. Just download the app & have a look at the properly listed Tournaments & Scrims with huge prize pools. You can choose the tournaments as per your wish and everything. It's all extremely easy to use.


The payments are done in TF coins. This would help you to keep a track of your tournament winnings and earnings. Also, you can even enter scrims so that it gets you prepared for what is coming in the future. This has to be easily one of the best among our list of top 10 esports tournaments apps. You can choose to play Tournaments from either BGMI, COD, Free Fire, also Apex Legends Mobile is coming soon.


This platform will help you to get tournaments for a variety of games, and also will help you to even play tournaments with random people who are available. There are checkboxes too, where you can text other online players. This will help you to scrutinize and also know which tournament is more suitable for you. They do host a couple of events throughout the year, where you can manage to win quite a huge amount of cash.


You can go for games like COD, Warzone, League of Legends, and more. Therefore, if you want to compete for any of these games, then you can surely go ahead and register on the platform.


This is quite an old platform, and hence you might find some of the old players mentioning it sometimes. Therefore, if you want to go for the old feels, then you can go for UMGgaming. However, though they have a lot of new games to be played for tournaments, there is some sort of exhaustion among the players. You might want to use the website to have a good look at how much difficult the level of the tournaments can be one goes higher up.


You can add your friends as a team before getting into tournaments. You can compete in games like Fortnite, Valorant, COD, and many others.


Another platform where you can deposit a certain amount and then keep registering for various tournaments. This is also one of the oldest platforms, however, what sets it apart from other platforms is that now it has managed to hold tournaments for over 200 games! Hence, you have a lot of variety for your tournaments, and therefore might help you to grow better.


Another thing that this platform offers is that you can host your tournaments. Well, as much as it does seem to be a good idea at first. However, there are chances that you might get scammed if someone else hosts tournaments. Hence, you might need to be more than careful while going to tournaments. They host games like PUBG Mobile, Valorant, CSGO, and others.


This is another tournament platform where you can go against various players for various games, however, the thing that attracts most of them to this platform is not the prize or the cash they could win, but the practice range that they have. Battlefly has all the practice range of the games for which they host tournaments.


Yet again, they avail the option for normal gamers to host tournaments which we already have some mixed opinions about. Nonetheless, they host games like League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, COD Mobile, and others.


These were the top 5 esports tournament apps that you could go for. If they have not satisfied you, or you are still looking for something more, then we have a few other platforms up our sleeve that you can check out, if you want to.

There is Mogul where you need to go through certain levels to unlock awards and achievements, this will help you to progress through your tournaments career. Others are Smash, Gamebattles, Gamerji, and Strafe. All of these apps are also quite similar to one another, hence you can just skim through them. We hope that these apps would serve your purpose well.

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