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Top 5 Indian BGMI Teams 2022

Community Apr 28, 2022

The reputation of BGMI has exploded in recent months. This could be linked to Esports' growing popularity, which has seen millions of fans flock to YouTube to watch their favorite team play in events and scrims.

Although some teams have crumbled under the pressure of the tournaments, others have performed admirably. With the BMOC scheduled to begin in April 2022, it's important to know which teams can build a name for themselves in the next competitions based on their recent performance.

So below are the top 5 Battlegrounds Mobile India teams:


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TSM FTX India is regarded as one of the most ruthless Esports teams in BGMI. When these four players step onto the battlegrounds, they go on a rampage. In BGIS, they had 33 kills in a single game, demonstrating their attacking power.

Following their second-place result in BGIS, their victory in the OR Championship-Legends Rise 2022 solidified their place among the country's greatest teams.


  • ShadowOG (IGL)
  • NinjaJOD (Assaulter)
  • Blaze (Assaulter)
  • Aquanox (Support player)


Team SOUL's new squad is not only an all-star lineup, but their previous tournament results also make them a team to watch. During the early phases of BGMI, earlier PUBG, this squad has accomplished a lot, with SOUL claiming back-to-back PMIS'19, PMCO-Spring Split India, and 2nd place in PMCO Fall Split India. PMCO Spring Split Global Finals, PMCO Fall Split Global Finals, and PEC '19 are among the S-Tier competitions in which the team has competed. Because of the team's expertise and skills, a lot is anticipated of them in upcoming tournaments.


  • Omega (IGL)
  • Akshat (Assaulter)
  • Goblin (Assaulter)
  • Hector (Support player)

Team XO

In the BGMI events and scrims, Team XO has been the embodiment of consistency. The squad added Snax to the roster following their third-place performance in BGIS, and they haven't looked back since. Their recent victories in the Upthurst Esports India Rising 2022 and Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 events have established them as the squad to beat. Fans will have high expectations for the squad, as they are a relatively new name in the situation and have been destroying practically all of the veteran teams. Previously, they were previously known as Team Mayhem.


  • Sensei (IGL)
  • Punkk (Assaulter)
  • Snax (All-round player)
  • Immortal (Support player)
  • Fierce (Assaulter)

GodLike Esports

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GodLike Esports does have a sizable fan base. The team is made up of BGMI superstars that play aggressively in each and every tournament they compete in. GodLike was the very first Indian team to compete in the PMGC 2021. The ex-TSM entity is well-known in the community for its massive firepower. Since conquering the PMCO Fall Split India, they've been on a roll. They finished 2nd in PMPL 2020-South Asia RS, 1st in PMIS 2020, and 2nd in PMPL 2020-South Asia Finals. They've had success in S-tier events, placing fifth in PMCO: Fall Split Global Finals and sixth in PMWL Season 0. With such a strong lineup, supporters are anticipating a fantastic show.


  • Clutchgod (IGL)
  • Jonathan (Assaulter)
  • ZGod (Support player)
  • Neyoo (Assaulter)
  • Gill (All-round player)

5. OR Esports

Orange Rock had such a fantastic year from mid-2019 to the PUBGM ban. They finished second in PMIT 2019, first in PMPL Spring Split 2020 South Asia RS, fourth in PMPL Spring Split SA Finals, and first in ESL India 2020. They also secured the best ever result by any Indian BGMI roster on the global scale by finishing second in PMWL Season 0-East, with only a nine-point gap between them and first place. We'll have to see if the squad can reignite their dominance now that their IGL Mavi has joined Soul, Viru has joined RO, and some fresh talents have joined.


  • Ammar “Destro” Khan (IGL)
  • Arshpreet “Gill” Singh (Assaulter / Sniper)
  • Arth “Vexe” Trivedi  (Assaulter)
  • “Aditya” Mathe (Entry Fragger)
  • Joe “Anto” Micheal (Support)

That is all for this blog, hope you enjoyed it and learnt about a few BGMI teams.

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