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Top 10 Oculus Games To Play Right Now! (2022)

Community May 11, 2022

The Oculus Quest 2 is capable of intensive gameplay in addition to productivity and leisure pleasure. You can have a lot of fun with your Quest whether you connect it to your PC or run games natively. However, in such a crowded gaming market, it might be tough to decide which game to play. If you're wishing to have even more fun with Quest 2, enjoy the games listed below.

Resident Evil 4 VR

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Resident Evil 4 VR, which is exclusive to the Oculus Quest 2, is a complete reworking of the PC port that thrilled and horrified gamers. Players take on the mantle of police officer Leon Scott Kennedy, who is on a mission to discover and rescue the President of the United States' daughter. Leon's investigation leads him to a nameless but haunting village in Spain. Leon, on the other hand, swiftly encounters the Los Illuminados, the sect responsible for Ashley's kidnapping. Resident Evil 4 VR continues the same storyline but recreates the whole experience in VR. Instead of the previous third-person viewpoint, gamers can now strap on their Quest 2 and feel the terror in the first person.

Half-Life: Alyx

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Half-Life: Alyx is the perfect video game to demonstrate the joys that virtual reality can truly provide. While it is not Half-Life 3, it is a game developed by Valve exclusively for VR headsets, despite the fact that the gaming company did not anticipate selling a large number of copies.

While it is specialized, it is also an excellent example of how wonderful VR gaming is when time and development talents are applied. Christopher Livingston of PC Gamer commended Half-Life: Alyx for its detailing, interaction, storytelling, setting, and more.

Climb 2

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If fighting the zombies or flying off buildings isn't your thing, try climbing mountains in Virtual Reality. Climb 2, the sequel to the already popular climbing game of the same name, is a game that you will become addicted to. You are a climber who has been given the option to traverse numerous maps. Aside from the cold mountains, the scenery varies by place. The Climb 2 has updated mechanics, and improved graphics, and retains the famous stamina system from the previous game. And don't fool yourself into thinking it'll be simple. To clear some stages, you'll find yourself panting and racking your head. Consider Climb 2 for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

SuperHot VR

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If you've ever envisioned yourself as a polygonal hitman through a series of harsh locations, SuperHot VR might be the game for you. The game has taken SuperHot's primary premise of time only moving when you move and applied it to virtual reality. When you actually duck a bullet, the projectile's speed increases from slow to fast.

SuperHot is fairly cool on its own, but it feels turbocharged in VR. Suddenly, you're immersed in slow-motion combat that feels excruciatingly fast. To escape a one-shot death, you must truly evaluate where you are in a location and anticipate several steps ahead.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

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The Room is a puzzle series that has been around for quite some time. Every enigmatic puzzle game, however, demands even greater immersion, which is where A Dark Matter comes in. A Dark Matter is a cryptic puzzle game that is centered around puzzle solving while being stuck in diverse locations, similar to the Room series but powered by Virtual Reality. In these puzzles, players utilize the controls to move about and interact with a variety of items, just as in most VR games.

Beat Saber

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Beat Saber is the result of combining Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and a dash of Star Wars in a blender. In this game, you must match the color of your saber to slash the corresponding colored blocks at the correct angle.

In addition to the growing speed, there are dangers such as explosives and walls to avoid. As a result, you'll get a full-body workout with a pulse-pounding EDM soundtrack. It's a captivating game that could only work in virtual reality.

A lengthy single-player career option will keep you busy for hours, with more precise criteria to complete the story. You can choose any music to jam out to in the free play, with togglable modifications to assist or test you.

A novice player may activate a bonus multiplier helper, whilst a sadist-we mean expert—increases the difficulty by restricting their game to a single error before defeat. Beat Saber recently received a multiplayer upgrade, allowing you to fight against pals to see who the best-skilled swordsman in your buddy group is.

A Township Tale

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A Township Tale is a peaceful and large VR RPG game. Players, like in RPGs, are in charge of constructing their own characters. The game allows you to customize your character so that it looks almost identically like you. After that, you'll be spawned onto the map, where you can do whatever you want. Craft things and weapons, gather resources, eat meals, or go all out fighting against other players.

It is your responsibility as the main character to transform this abandoned village into something spectacular. You can dress up as a blacksmith, a craftsman, or even a warrior. Do you dislike playing alone? Why not team up with other gamers to make your experience even more enjoyable? While Township Tale is a healthy game, it does include its fair share of monsters with fighting, so be cautious when venturing out at night in this game.

Into The Radius VR

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PC gamers who enjoy apocalyptic games should be familiar with the Metro Series and also how good it is at creating a gloomy mood. While not created by the same game developers, Into the Radius VR is an adaptation that comes dangerously close. The player is dropped inside the Pechorsk Radius Zone in this single-player survival shooter.

The Radius Zone is riddled with scary anomalies that pose a serious threat to the main character. As the protagonist, it is your responsibility to navigate this perilous world and employ whatever means necessary to survive. It's up to you to raid abandoned dwellings, hide from threats, or go guns blazing. Into the Radius has garnered a lot of positive feedback from gamers and is quickly becoming one of the greatest Quest 2 games.

Until You Fall

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Until You Fall combines the difficult fighting styles of Dark Souls with a rogue-like. This is the VR game we didn't know we needed, with a delightful gameplay loop, a neon look, and booming synthwave music. You'll strike, dodge, and counter adversaries using dual-wielding weapons (sword, mace, or knife) to defeat them in battle.

Unfortunately, you will spend most of your time falling in battle. Each time you die, you gain new knowledge and abilities. These enhancements, which range from maximum health to damage bonuses, can tip the game in your favor. Each successful run is similar to playing one more round in the Civilization series, making it tough to put the game down.

Richie’s Plank Experience

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Richie's Plank Experience is a brief video game or simply an experience you should try that was originally used by folks attempting to demonstrate the power of VR. This psychological encounter allows players to stand atop an 80-story-high plank. It is your role as the player to literally 'walk the plank.' However, be cautious because one slip and you'll fall below. This VR game allows users to clone a real-world object and use it as a plank. So, if you have a spare wooden board, now is the time to use it. Other modes include defending cities from missiles; putting out flames around the city, and simply writing in the sky while remaining calm. However, keep in mind that there isn't much more to do here, so don't expect too much from this VR game.

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