Top 10 best Valorant tournaments 2022!

Community Jun 25, 2022

In June of 2020, Valorant was formally released. This game immediately exploded in popularity and fully overtook the gaming industry in less than a year. As a result of the enthusiasm around Valorant, tournaments of various sizes began to appear.

Although the Valorant Champions Tour is a well-known mega-event, there are a number of additional Valorant events that are upcoming that you should look into.

We'll hereby highlight some of the most prestigious valorous competitions in 2022 and explain what distinguishes each valorous competition from the others.

Valorant Champions Tour 2022

Source: Valolo

The year-long Valorant Champions Tour is a competition that brings together the top players in the fiercely competitive Valorant environment. It is organised into three distinct stages, with several events taking place during each stage until each stage ends with a Masters event.

The fact that it offers the greatest payouts and most prestige makes the Valorant Champions Tour the best Valorant competition in 2022. All the other Valorant competitions serve as stepping stones to this one, which is where any Valorant squad worth their salt aspires to compete.

In December of last year, this event successfully finished its maiden season. In 2022, it will return. There were some noticeable modifications, but the majority of the Valorant Champions Tour stayed largely unchanged.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2022 will only include two Challengers and Masters stages, as opposed to the customary three, and the championship will once again be held in September rather than December. The addition of VCT Regional Leagues and VRC Amateur Circuits has further increased the opportunities for new professional Valorant players to enter and compete.

VCT: Game Changers

Source: Valorant Media

This competition was also started by Riot Games and it complements the current Valorant Champions Tour. This competition aimed to expand chances for women and other underrepresented genders in Valorant as well as to support the current competitive season.

What you would anticipate from a top-tier Valorant tournament is VCT: Game Changers. It has a similar structure as VCT, including taking place in several regions, and features some of the greatest teams vying for rewards of the highest caliber.

VCT: Game Changers continues to develop and draw more spectators and expert Valorant teams to compete in it, just as the main Valorant Champions Tour tournament.

Six world regions will participate in the 2022 season, and at the conclusion, each region will name its own champion.

In case you missed it, some prestigious esports organizations have debuted their women's Valorant squads, including G2 Gozen and XSET Female. Judging by the tournament's popularity, we anticipate seeing more as the year goes on. Make sure to follow VCT: Game Changers if you're hankering after more VCT material and want to see some top-notch Valorant action. You could possibly discover your new favourite Valorous team.

Red Bull Campus Clutch

Source: Gamezo

The next Red Bull Campus Clutch - World Final Stage must be mentioned when discussing the top Valorant competitions in 2022. Red Bull Campus Clutch's final event will include 12 teams from around the world competing, as the tournament's name implies. These valiant teams will be motivated to give it their all by the €20.000 prize pool, but there is more.

The winners from the previous year were Anubis Gaming from Egypt, who also took home the majority of the prize money and a unique invitation to the final Valorant Master's competition in Berlin.

Even though this occurrence is brief, it is still very exciting. No delays exist, and the action is always of the highest caliber. Don't forget to watch this event; who knows, you might even come across some fantastic Valorant odds for these bouts.

Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship

Source: ESTNN

Since the beginning, Nerd Street Gamers have played Valorant in a competitive setting. The Nerd Street Gamers Valorant competitions have been among the most reliable ones to this day.

They may not have the financial means of Riot to host competitions the size of the Valorant Champions Tour, but they make up for it in enthusiasm for Valorant.

Nerd Street Gamers: Their Summer/Winter Championship tournaments have been among the most highly anticipated ones they've put on. They attracted some of the greatest Valorant teams in addition to having the largest prize pools, which might reach $25,000. The NSG: Winter Championship this year was held in Philadelphia and Denver and had a combined prize fund of $9.500.

Ensure that you pay attention to future NSG activities. Who knows, you might come upon a brand-new TenZ and choose to follow their adventure in Valorant.

VALORANT Conquerors Championship

Source: The esports observer

A fantastic event for South Asian fans and teams had been planned by NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games, and it was going to be awesome!

Compared to what you may often anticipate from a tournament of this magnitude, it had a sizable $33.000 prize pool. A series of best-of-three matches pitted eight teams against one another, and on August 29th, Global Esports has declared the victor.

But the best part is right here. For any team competing, the option to compete in the Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Asia Last Chance Qualifier was a big plus.

Global Esports, a Valorant team's dream come true, reached the pinnacle and earned a spot in the Valorant Champions Tour via hard work and a little luck.

Make sure to watch this event in 2022 and pick up some fresh knowledge from the South Asian expert Valorant teams.

Strike Arabia Grand Finals

Source: Egamerz world

It's time to examine the Middle Eastern valorant scene because the North American and European valorant scenes have received the majority of attention recently.

The top eight Middle Eastern teams battled in the Strike Arabia Grand Finals in Istanbul for a huge $50.000 prize. Anubis Gaming won the trophy and a spot in the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier, demonstrating once more that they are a cut above the competition.

It is almost certain that the competition will be held again in 2022 given how well it was welcomed. This inspiring competition has the potential to grow into one of the most inspiring competitions in the world.

Moscow Cybersport Series

Source: Liquipedia

We’re moving on to Russia, and on our number 7 spot of the top Valorant tournaments in 2022, we have the Moscow Cybersports Series.

This tournament will not wow you with the biggest prize pools or the best Valorant tournament names. However, it will give you a glimpse into the CIS Valorant and showcase some of the most interesting teams from the region.

The added significance of the Moscow Cybersports Series is that it can serve as a stepping stone for many Valorant teams who aim to make it big in the EMEA region.


Source: Liquipedia

Since Epic.LAN has been around for a while, it is not surprising to see them participating with Valorant as well.

The EPIC.LAN #34 was the 34th edition of this competition, and 16 European teams participated at that time. In the Kettering Conference Center, it was played fully offline.

But that's great because there were several ways for fans to stay up to date on all the games, whether it was through social media for Epic.LAN or other channels. There should be more tournaments in 2022 because this one was enjoyable.

Valorant Open Tour: France

Source: Mandatory

The apex of the flourishing French valorant scene is the valorant open tour: France.

The Valorant Open Tour: France Finals were won by Team Vitality, who outperformed the opposition and left with an extra $9,000 in pocket money. The week-long competition was jam-packed with valiant action.

We anticipate the Valorant Open Tour will reopen its doors as we approach the start of the new season. The French Valorant supporters will have a great time, and this will keep them occupied for a while.

LVP – Rising Series

Source: Liquipedia

Another heroic competition from Europe will round up our ranking of the top 10 tournaments in 2022.

The most anticipated Valor event in Spain is the LVP Rising Series, but don't be misled by that. Since all European teams are invited to compete, you may anticipate seeing some of the top Valorant squads here.

The LVP Rising Series Finale from the previous year was a real treat to watch. And, the reigning world champions, swiftly destroyed their rivals to win the $9,093 first prize.

Keep an eye on the LVP - Rising Series this year since we anticipate it to be even more interesting with more teams and greater awards.

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