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Top 10 AR Games You Must Try! 2022

Community May 14, 2022

Tired of playing the same old games? And are you seeking for some games to spice up your gaming sessions? Don't worry, we've got just the solution you're looking for. The Best Augmented Reality Games for Android, iOS, and PC are listed in this post.

Pokemon Go

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Pokemon GO is regarded as the pioneer of augmented reality games, having established the standard for other game creators to follow. Pokemon has a global cult following, and previous editions of the PC and mobile games received positive feedback from enthusiasts. Unlike prior iterations, the makers stunned everyone with the AR game, which forced users to hunt for pokeballs on a real-world map.

Pokemon Go introduced trainer battles and raid battles, which enhanced the exploring and combat experiences even further. It is not new, but the Pokemon community is so large that it will never become routine. It is a free-to-play game with in-app payments that require minimal smartphone hardware and a constant online connection.

Spirit Camera

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This augmented reality video game is best played during the day. It carries a sense of terror as well as some gothic undertones. It is a sequel to the Fatal Frame series. This augmented reality game transforms you into a person holding a camera whose sole mission is to eliminate the ghosts nearby. If you are easily terrified of spirits or fear them, the Spirit Camera game is not for you. It will only increase your dread of ghosts. The scary ghost figures appear alongside you in real life, and you must destroy them with your game powers. This top augmented reality game of 2022 is ideal for thrill-seekers and horror fans alike.

DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition

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The DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition throws you in the position of a problem solver with "Batman," the greatest detective of all time. Players can experiment with bat-tech and aid in the capture of criminals by studying the clues left behind. It includes ten mini-games, each of which allows you to practice a skill like employing a special Batman device or traveling around Gotham City in the batmobile. Players will also have access to five comic books, AR face filters, sticker packs, and other goodies. It is also free to play, with in-app purchases that allow you to swiftly level up and outperform the competitors.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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Remember when our main desire was to be admitted to Hogwarts? We suppose your hope has finally come true because the universe of Hogwarts has become available to you in your immediate surroundings. If you're a fan of the Harry Potter series, you can't miss out on this game. To activate the AR feature of this 2019 released AR game, all you need is your cell phone and a GPS.

Players work together to defeat foes who have a direct impact on everything and everyone in the game. Now is your chance to become the wizard you've always wanted to be!

Jurassic Park Alive

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Jurassic World Alive is similar to the Pokemon Go game in that you must walk out into the world to collect and combat it. To acquire a grip over other players, you must find dinosaurs and increase your line-up instead of Pokemon. Players can even mix DNA to create hybrid dinosaurs that can dominate other players. Jurassic World Alive allows you to participate in PvP battles and fight for daily rewards. You can even share photographs of your dinosaur library with the rest of the globe. Jurassic World Alive provides a monthly subscription plan, which reduces the need for in-app purchases.

Ingress Prime

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Ingress Prime is one of the top AR games for Android users. Ingress Prime is now available for iOS, which is great news for ecosystem users because the video game is one of the very few AR video games that is both collaborative and interesting at its core. Before you begin the game, you are given the option of joining one of two groups. These two factions are known as "The Enlightened" and "The Resistance." Players can choose a side and start building portals to reality. The game gained great acclaim for its foresight and incorporation of augmented reality into the mobile gaming market. Its most recent modifications have distorted the gameplay, but Ingress Prime is worth a shot.

The Machines

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In 2022, The Machines was among the top augmented reality games on iOS devices. It is an online, cooperative strategy game in which you may turn any space into a playing field. Select a tabletop and combat with your machines using the game's AR function. You can play against a local person or anyone else online. Fight your battle. Depending on how you play, you either win or lose. This fine augmented reality game makes use of advanced physics and technology to improve visual fidelity. It also has excellent sound integration, so your location in the real world determines how much sound you hear in the game. If you enjoy playing with firearms, machinery, and other weapons,

Knightfall AR

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Do you like to see how knights fought centuries ago? The Knightfall AR is a must for any gamer. The game allows you to relive the wars that the Knights and their armies had to fight in order to rescue their land. The AR aspects in this game are quite well implemented, and you get to see flying arrows, complete troop devastation, and even dead animals flinging into the air as mortar bombs hit the troops and surrounding environment. The single-player mode, like other games, might become monotonous after several hours, which is why we recommend playing Knightfall AR in online multiplayer. This excellent AR game is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and is completely free with no in-app purchases.

Smash Tanks

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Smash Tanks is an AR game that converts your table into a battleground. You can win the match if you respond quickly. The action takes place on your phone screen, but it looks like it is taking place on your tabletop thanks to augmented reality. With the use of basic physics, this AR game is simple to play. This game can be played both solo and multiplayer. You may take the game with you. It can be played both inside and outside. The game is also available for Android, iOS, and PC.

The Walking Dead: Our World

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The Walking Dead: Our World delivers the zombie apocalypse to your smartphone. It's a great game even without the AR aspects, but when you activate the AR mode, the gameplay experience goes to another level. It blends the zombies into the scene you scan with your camera, giving the impression that they are coming right next to you. You get to interact with the people from The Walking Dead TV series and serve as an aide to try and stop hordes of zombies from attacking them and turning them into zombies. The Walking Dead: Our World is a freemium game that requires micro-purchases to upgrade your arsenal. It is compatible with iOS and Android, and neither platform requires a subscription.

Well, that is all for this blog, hope you enjoyed it and found some new games to play on your phone and PC!

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