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Top 10 Apps You Need As A Gamer

Community Apr 9, 2022

Nowadays, gaming is much more than just fagging folks and boasting about it. Rather, the hobby has evolved into something having social, competitive, commercial, and leisure components, which means that gamers can use apps to improve their experience.

Applications for gamers are more important than ever, with everything from fun communication networks to must-have tools. If you enjoy gaming, we've compiled a list of Android and PC apps that will keep you up to date on the latest developments in the gaming industry while also assisting you during games.


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Tournafest is a one-stop-destination built by gamers for gamers. They are reimagining the Esports ecosystem around us by creating a seamless and encouraging platform for players to improve their abilities while socializing with their peers.

At Tournafest, every player is a professional, and their talent is recognized! It is a mobile application through which you can freely participate in Esports competitions and scrims of games like BGMI, Free Fire MAX & Call Of Duty Mobile & win exciting rewards from huge prize pools.

As organizers at Tournafest, you can host tournaments with ease & automation and earn unrivalled bonuses.


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It used to be difficult to find a user-friendly, dependable, and free voice chat tool for online gaming. Most sites need usernames, subscriptions, or technical skills.

However, the introduction of Discord changed everything. The free app is accessible via browsers, as a separate desktop app, and as a mobile app.

Many gamers choose Discord because of its ability to invite individuals to a channel via an invite link, its user-friendly design, and its free channel hosting. Not only is Discord dependable, but you can also use a guest account if you don't want to create your own.

The software continues to evolve, bringing new features to make gamers' lives easier. It is even available on the app store and the play store as well.


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Steam is the most widely used digital gaming library program, but it goes well beyond online gaming and cloud storage. The client also functions as a social hub, allowing you to link with your buddies, exchange accomplishments, and play together.

Another method through which the site is really handy for gamers is through in-home streaming. This function allows you to broadcast your games from your main PC to a laptop or another gadget on your home network. It also has a mobile app that functions exactly like the PC app and allows you to buy games, check out special sale offers, and connect with your Steam friends to see what they're playing.

Razer Cortex:

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While many gamers improve their hardware to get the most out of their videogames over time, budgetary limits mean that the bulk of gamers never has the most up-to-date components. That is why game-enhancing software may be so beneficial. When it comes to gaming, the correct software helps push the gear you have farther.

The Razer Cortex accomplishes this in several ways. Its game booster feature can help free up system processes and RAM, allowing you to allocate more memory to your game. Meanwhile, its system booster defrags your system to aid in the optimization of programs and operations.

When you start a game, these features will be activated immediately. When you exit the game, your PC settings return to normal. This automation is what makes the application so simple and user-friendly.

IGN Entertainment:

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IGN, the world's #1 videogame and entertainment website, brings you the latest in videogames, films, television, technology, and everything nerdy.

IGN is a well-known name among gamers, where one can find gaming news, reviews, cheats, walkthroughs, and much more. IGN's Android app includes all of this, as well as an upcoming calendar that displays forthcoming releases, so you know when your favorite title is set to be released.

Google Play Games:

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Android has emerged as the next great gaming platform and has already surpassed iOS as the most popular mobile gaming platform. The official Google Play Games app remembers your profile and displays a list of all the games you've played. The program also recommends games and allows you to engage with your Google Play Games pals. This is a must-have for any Android gamer.

It is a Google-operated online gaming service and software development platform for the Android operating system that is part of the Google Play product line. It includes player accounts, cloud saves, achievements, social and public leaderboards, and more.

MSI Afterburner:

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The MSI Afterburner is a must-have tool for players that want control over how to increase their computer's performance. For individuals who wish to conveniently access their GPU settings, the freeware is the go-to graphics processor tweaking tool. The only disadvantage is that consumers can only overclock their graphics cards from particular manufacturers.

MSI Afterburner also contains scanning tools that might make your system perform better. The complete overview and flexibility to alter system settings, however, is the program's main selling point. Additionally, the software provides hardware temperature monitoring, customized fan controls, and an overlay that allows you to monitor your system while playing a game.


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Just like IGN Entertainment. Whenever it comes to gaming, Machinima is among the most well-known names. The video network contains a wide range of gaming-related content and will keep you entertained for hours. All of Machinima's material can be accessed via the official app, which also lets you share it with your friends.

OBS Studio:

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OBS Studio is indeed the go-to game-recording program for several players who want to broadcast their gameplay—and it's easy to see why. It's not only the application that is free, but it also works well and is simple to use for beginners.

When you are playing a game, the application can capture your audio, screen, output, and input. This makes it simple to capture not only what's occurring in the videogame, but also any commentary you'd like to add using a mic or headset.

OBS Studio can also be used to record your screen for various kinds of content, such as instructional.

Despite its basic appearance, it is a strong piece of software. You can use it for broadcasting, recording gaming for YouTube, or simply collecting images. You may use it to stream, record gaming for YouTube, or simply capture snippets to share with your friends.

Playstation Mobile:

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The name is self-explanatory. The software is a must-have for all PlayStation fans because it allows you to browse your games, console devices, and PlayStation Network profile. The PlayStation App is a software program developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. for iOS and Android smartphones. You can keep track of your gaming accomplishments and browse Sony's PlayStation and PS Vita game libraries. You may personalize your PSN profile, download games and add-ons from the PlayStation Store, and send remote requests to your PS4 to download in the background, among other things.

That is all for this article, hope you enjoyed it and found a few new apps to download and use.

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