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Top 10 Android Games To Play Right Now!

Community May 9, 2022

The Android game market is full of gimmicky cash grabs and complete garbage that really doesn't deserve your time or money. It does, however, have some exceptional treasures that ought to be on your Android phone or tablet. Among the many games available on the Android platform are indie hits, old classics, and even Nintendo-published originals. In fact, several Android video games are on par with AAA console and PC releases. As a result, we've chosen fantastic titles from different genres to assist you in finding the best games to play.

Triple Agent

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Triple Agent, like Among Us, is all about deceit. There are two teams, with one tasked with convincing the other side to turn on itself. Be wary of being sidetracked or duped, as this can have serious ramifications for your team.

The game is designed to be played on a single device, and the rules are revealed as you go along. It's another fantastic party game that pulls people together by pitting them against one another.

Among Us

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Even if it formally debuted in 2018, Among Us reigned in the gaming community in 2020 as the ideal, paranoid, quarantined leisure. While you and your fellow astronauts work together to repair your spaceship, covert saboteurs strive discreetly to eliminate you all. Trust nothing and no one, whether you employ good ole social manipulation to squeeze the truth out or lie your brains out to keep the illusion going.

Alto’s Adventure

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The Play Store is filled with endless auto runners, and while there are a few outstanding ones, Alto's Adventure is without a doubt one of the best. There is a sequel, but the classic is where the perfection lies. It's a remarkably simple setup: ride as far as you can while checking out your objectives. When you complete an objective, you gain currency, which you can use to unlock more riders. And while some of these riders have superior handling and speed, the more you acquire, the more currency you'll collect, snowballing until you finish the game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Some of the most recognizable Castlevania games have made their way to Android phones. Control the vampire Alucard to combat the demonic armies that plague the castle and plot to revive Dracula. Symphony of the Night includes a robust RPG weaponry and inventory system chock-full of one-of-a-kind armor, goods, and spells. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a Konami favorite that is well worth picking up, with a massive castle to explore, unique skills to unlock, and an encyclopedic list of enormous punching bags to beat up.

Call of Duty Mobile

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When Call of Duty: Mobile was released, there was some skepticism, but it rapidly dissipated once fans got their hands on the Android edition of the video game. It's a fantastic mobile shooter with a plethora of guns to use and things to chase. The controls, whether touchscreen or controller, are extremely responsive. You can also select from a variety of game types, like Death Match, Battle Royale, and ranked competitive playlists.

Dead Cells

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When it concerns roguelike Metroidvanias, Dead Cells is a title that's frequently mentioned, and for good reason: it's a title that epitomizes the genre. The controls are spot-on thanks to the addition of gamepad support, and even the touch controls are adequate to get you through the next few stages. Of course, this is a difficult game, and death is a regular occurrence, but you'll progress gradually as you earn new weaponry over your runs.


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In Downwell, you use guns attached to your feet to plunge down randomized stages. What is the goal? Carry off one of the most spectacular runs before you die. Bullets not only destroy foes but also allow you to hover in the air for important repositioning. The levels are actually retro and primarily monochrome, with the exception of a few red splashes. The vertical orientation effectively conveys the sensation of falling.

Monument Valley

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You can't talk about puzzle games on smartphones without mentioning Monument Valley. However, we'd recommend its successor in this case. These M.C. Escher-inspired games push you to think outside the box in order to solve difficulties and physically change your perspective to achieve your objectives. They are very unique.

Because of the beautiful art design and sparse narration, Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 remain interesting and compelling as you progress to solve the next puzzle. They both come highly recommended.

Genshin Impact

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This sprawling action RPG transports you to Teyvat, a strange kingdom ruled by ancient gods and hidden in centuries-old mysteries. But your character is unaware of any of this. In Genshin Impact, you travel the world in search of your missing sibling, fighting monsters and assisting whomever you meet along the way. Genshin Impact offers a Zelda-style open-world environment that's jam-packed with stuff to do, and the steady flow of new events will keep you busy for a long time.

Pokemon UNITE

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There's League of Legends: Wild Rift for the serious MOBA gamers, but if you're just seeking to dip your toe into the genre or need something a bit simpler, Pokémon UNITE is one of the few highly accessible MOBAs available. Sure, the game is based on Pokémon, and it's definitely intended to appeal to youngsters, but even if you find such things a little kiddish, Pokémon UNITE is a lot of fun.

Well, that is all for this blog, hope you enjoyed it and found out a new game that you would like to try out!

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