10 pro tips you need to know about Pokemon Unite

Strategy Aug 31, 2022

When picking out your next Pokemon, we recommend choosing the Pokemon with a Novice Difficulty.


  • The control scheme for Pokemon Unite isn’t too complex. There’s a good reason for this as well.
  • The developers wanted more players to enjoy their game and kept the controls on the more accessible side for people to adjust.

In the brand-new MOBA Pokemon Unite, players take control of a pokemon to engage in a 5v5 battle to earn the most points. It was launched for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. By beating wild Pokémon, players amass points, which they deposit into the opposing side's goal.

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Due to its simplified control structure and absence of in-game objects that must be bought, the game first seems simple to appeal to younger players. This doesn't detract from the game's fun, which still offers a fierce competitive mode for die-hard MOBA aficionados.

Change the Control Scheme

Pokemon Unite's controls may be summed up in the adjective "minimalist." This was done on purpose to keep the game's complexity minimal. However, that sometimes stops players from acting in a specific way. Thankfully, Pokemon Unite offers choices to modify these elements, like adding a second attack button to differentiate between hostile and wild Pokemon.

Players may almost completely avoid the stupid controls by changing an enemy locks on to target alternative adversaries, such as the adversary with the lowest health. Another choice is a targeting wheel, which makes it simple to focus on nearby Pokemon.

A fighting scene from Pokemon. Picture Courtesy: Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite: This feature is also included in the game's mobile version, enabling an enemy lock option and a tiny button to fight wild Pokemon. There are several methods for cancelling abilities.

Keep An Eye On Team Composition

As with other MOBAs, the game divides Pokemon into one of five groups. Attackers, defenders, all-rounders, quick players, and supporters. A team in a game should ideally have one Pokemon from each of the categories. Unfortunately, this isn't usually how things turn out.

When choosing a character, pay attention to the other Pokemon kinds that have been chosen and base your choice of Pokemon on them. For instance, if two attackers are chosen, a defender or supporter would be preferred over a speedster because of their higher capacity to assist teammates.

It's crucial that team composition be maintained across game versions in Pokemon Unite: Mobile. Anyone who plays on a mobile device should thus be aware of the best team setup.

Prioritize Certain Item Upgrades

In this MOBA, items function a bit differently than normal. Players choose their equipment before the match and can unlock them based on their player level rather than storing an item and earning gold during a match. Additionally, they upgrade them out of a game.

Because upgrading goods may be so costly, it may be wise just to update one item once and use it on all of your pokemon. While Leftovers, which provide constant HP regen, are fine on every character but not the greatest item on any character, items like Scope Lens, which work best on characters who do damage, may be good on any character but work best on characters that deal damage.

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Players may move their games from mobile to Nintendo Switch and vice versa, thanks to Pokemon Unite's cross-platform advancement. Players on both devices should heed this advice since it implies that enhanced things also move.

Utilize Teleporting And Jump Pads

The primary 5v5 mode map is Remoat Stadium. Considering the pokemon's movement speeds on the map, it is a huge area. Players might lose a lot of time getting from the spawn to a battle's location or fleeing a fight and returning to the spawn, particularly in the game's latter stages.

This is a situation where teleportation may be useful. It is often easier to teleport back if a player has to withdraw after moving too close to an adversary. Similarly, jump pads may propel a fighter into battle faster than usual.

Using teleport and jump pads. Picture Courtesy: Pokemon Unite

Mobile versions of Pokemon Unite Players on all platforms can use jump pads and teleportation; thus, everyone should use these to move across the battlefield rapidly.

Know Your Role

Recognising each team member's function while working as a team is critical. The player's pokemon determine that function in this game. Each role in the primary 5v5 mode has a unique approach.

To maintain aggressiveness, speedsters should enter the centre area early and begin eliminating wild Pokemon while navigating between lanes. Attackers and Defenders should team up so that one can attack and the other can defend. All-rounders should pair with supporters since they are very skilled but will need help to maintain a strong lane presence.

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Players should be careful of their position in a game while playing Pokemon Unite: Mobile since they are just as important as players on the Switch. They must put out their best effort to play the character they choose for a match.

Be Wary Of Going Solo

Due to the number of characters and lanes, both lanes will probably have several people, whether two or three. This is important for players to keep in mind, so they don't feel outnumbered and overwhelmed.

During the game, a player may be left alone in the lane. If a player is playing alone on a lane, they should concentrate on defence to prevent their opponents from scoring while avoiding physical contact. The remainder of the crew may quickly join the battle and aid in the resistance.

Players of Pokemon Unite: Mobile should exercise a little more caution since they are, if barely, at a little disadvantage against Switch players owing to the controls. As a result, mobile players should rarely try to battle multiple foes by themselves.

Watch Out For Drednaw, Zapdos and Rotom

Three special pokemon that, when defeated, provide special boosts are present in the 5v5 map. For 20 points, Rotom on the top lane may be guided to a goal. Shields and experience point to the whole team by Dreadnaw in the bottom lane. In the very centre, Zapdos offers the squad up to 110 points and a 30-second quick scoring boost to everyone.

Due to how drastically these benefits alter the game, players should remember that opponents also want to kill these Pokemon. It may sometimes cause team battles to start; however, some players could attempt to sneak in the finishing blow.

Pokemon Unite: Mobile's boss Pokemon are an important aspect of the game that may decide whether either side wins or loses. Players on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices should be aware of these.

Get Familiar With Your Character

The game only has a small number of characters, making it very simple to get familiar with each one's strengths and weaknesses. However, each character has a variety of movement possibilities, so two players may approach the same Pokemon in various ways.

As a result, it's critical for players to familiarise themselves with the Pokemon they want to use and experiment with various builds to determine which fits them the best. By doing so, the player might become aware of the character's shortcomings and learn how to compensate for them.

Pokemon Unite: Mobile - Players on all platforms should familiarise themselves with their controlling character. Doing so will help them advance in the game and perform well when they play a match with the characters they are used to.

Pay Attention To The Mini-Map

Fans of MOBA games may find this advice superfluous since the minimap, which shows the positions of all teammates and any visible adversaries, is an essential component of the HUD. This enables you to keep tabs on enemy activity and deduce their intentions.

Players can determine whether they can push a lane safely or if they must withdraw and defend a goal by keeping an eye on the mini-map. Occasionally, a friendly Pokemon may see attackers approaching Zapdos and start a team fight in the middle lane.

The lower screen size that mobile players will be using for this game may put them at a disadvantage, but it doesn't make the mini-map any less important to be aware of.

Time Goals Correctly

Time goals correctly. Picture Courtesy: Pokemon Unite

Players must know the best techniques to achieve their objectives since this game depends on scoring goals rather than demolishing towers like a conventional MOBA. It may be preferable to score fewer points more often rather than trying to score goals with more points since doing so would make it take longer for the goal to be scored.

Also, keep an eye on other team members since they might help goals score quicker if they are in the vicinity. A victory against Zapdos, which would result in quick scoring and at least 20 points, could be what they're really up against.

Mobile version of Pokemon Unite This advice may also be used by mobile players, who can use the mini-map to keep an eye on their colleagues. If Zapdos is eliminated, the alert is big enough to draw the attention of a mobile player, allowing them to gain additional points.

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