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Photo via Google Play

Tips to ace your game from FREE FIRE Esports players!

Strategy Nov 10, 2022

Here are some to ace your matches in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is one of the mobile games that boasts an Esports scene that can rival even some of the most popular PC Esports out there. The sheer popularity of the game attracts thousands of players to it daily who are looking to build a career out of the same. For obvious reasons, not everyone who plays the game turns their life around as a pro player, some fail to make any impact which is why it is important that any time spent with it should be done in the right way.

Playing around every chance you get with a game doesn’t translate to improvement and similarly just blindly following a routine will not land you in a professional team. To be a pro, one must understand what it takes. Years of grinding, learning, and practice go behind becoming a pro player and rightfully so there are many players who get lost in the way. We have put together a few tips widely acclaimed to have shown proven results of improvement. While they alone are not enough to make you a full-fledged professional, these steps will bring in some improvement in your game which cannot be ignored.

Free Fire esports community has tournaments every other day, which has opened up a lot of room for new players and justifies new talents putting in the extra effort in the hope of making it big in the scene. We have put together a few tips followed by top Free Fire professional players that you can integrate into your game and see how fast you can reach your potential.


Practice daily to see improvements. Photo via Free Fire. 

There is no replacement for hard work and nothing can be substituted for daily practice sessions which is why putting together a pre-match routine can be helpful. Training or dry run should be a part of your daily Free Fire session. Every time you log into the game, make sure you get some time to warm up. Once you start doing it, you are bound to see an improvement in your games. Look into your own gameplay to find weaknesses, and try ironing them out through these practice sessions, isolate your weaknesses and try covering them with your strengths, once you are able to do this, you will have reached an already superior level than before. Practice alone is not enough, once it gets complemented by consistency, the improvements are readily apparent. These warmups or dry runs should be done regularly, whether or not you are playing matches, every day for a few minutes which will yield results for days to come.

Drop Zone

Finding the right drop zone is very important. Photo via Free Fire.

A point that most players ignore, is the importance of the area where they are landing. This is a problem faced by most BR players and this tip will be relevant for all BR games. Drop Zone should be carefully picked as the chances of you taking an early exit from the game increase if you drop at a busy location. Such locations attract tons of players and are filled with guns and ammo, so the only way out is to engage in multiple combats thus reducing your chances of survival. However, this does not mean you should drop at secluded locations far away from the centre of the map, just to survive, doing so reduces your chances of making it into the circle and more importantly, the lack of weapons can cost you dearly later in the game. Ideal locations are the perfect balance of both, not too secluded and not too busy. A place from where you can get out easily and survive.


Experiment to find the right controls. Photo via Free Fire.

Free Fire offers various controls and players often try to stick to the ones used by their favorite players. However, their favorite players would be the first ones to discourage it as controls are largely connected to comfort and it depends entirely on you to find the comfort settings that will make movement easier for you. There are no pre-defined rules that can help you find the perfect controls for you hence the only to find out is to try everything. Try all the settings that are there and keep experimenting until you find something that is comfortable to stick to. Once you are comfortable, use that for all the gaming sessions.


Use the right settings. Photo via Free Fire. 

Free Fire offers room for aim assist. If you are not comfortable with the manual aim then using aim assist is definitely the way to go. There is no shame in using it and a lot of pro players do, if the tournament allows it. Often mobile phone screens do not translate your touches accurately which when these settings come to play improves your mechanics. Do note that using them, in the long run, may set back your improvement and you may never be able to perform your best without these settings working behind your back to help you.


Use the terrain to your advantage. Photo via Free Fire.

Making the terrain your friend is the best thing that you can do. Once you have mastered the art of using the land below your feet to your advantage, you can make fights more favorable and easy to win. Using hills as covers and trenches as positions to launch attacks will catch the enemies off guard. Playing in the open is the worst thing that you can do and by having a proper understanding of how the maps work, you can find yourself ahead of other players who have no idea how to move around the map.

Follow these tips and see for yourself, if they bring any improvement to your game. When followed regularly, these will help you get closer to your dream of becoming a pro player and unlock your true potential.

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