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7 Tips For New Streamers!

Community Oct 22, 2022

Thinking about cracking into the streaming industry? Here are 7 tips that will help you maximize your growth as a new streamer.

If you are thinking about getting into live-streaming video games then with every passing second you are making it more difficult for yourself to make it big in the same. Streaming has taken off like no other and more and more live-streaming platforms are emerging. With an audience size, this big there is room for everyone to build a career here. Gaming content is usually consumed by millennials which gives any aspiring streamer a head start before joining the industry. Streaming may look easy but is just as difficult as any other job and to do it full-time is something that takes a lot of time and dedication.

Every streamer you come across once had a following of ‘0’ on their socials but consistency, patience, and dedication kept them going, and finally, they are enjoying the stardom. However, the market is tough but not impossible to crack into, with the right steps anyone can find themselves right up there with his/her favorite streamers. If you are planning to start streaming, this is a guide if for you. We have put together 5 best tips for beginners to maximize their chances to going big in the streaming industry:

  • Choose what to stream:

Choosing what to stream is very important. Platforms like Twitch have metrics for viewers to know what game is trending and new streamers have the chance to hop onto the bandwagon and grow along. If you are streaming a popular game then there is a chance that you attract some of the many viewers who are looking at the streams of the same game and you never know some of them might stay behind as subscribers or followers. To give an example, streamers like Tfue and Ninja rose to stardom when Fortnite was on the rise. Make sure to keep a tab of whatever games consumers are looking for and give it to them.

Tfue, a popular streamer Fortnite streamer who saw unprecedented growth by playing the trending video games . Photo Via Tfue Twitter

Quality of Stream:

It is a myth that you cannot grow as a streamer without top-of-the-line gears. Most streamers start off with an average personal computer that barely gets the job done. Make sure to optimize every setting in your computer, in the game, and in the streaming software so you can squeeze out every last drop of performance that your computer can offer. The optimizations should be done keeping in mind that the quality of the stream should remain the best possible. Some optimization tips would be to lower the quality of the game keeping the native resolution. For the streaming software, try lowering the bitrate until the output is fairly viewable.

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Sometimes streamers get so focused on the game that they forget that the purpose of streaming is the entertainment of their audience. Interacting with your audience is very important as they get the feeling of being involved in the conversation, this in turn helps retain more and more viewers which helps your channel in the long run. Interaction does not necessarily have to be a long-drawn conversation, a simple wish/greeting often helps the viewer feel welcomed. The stream is primarily for the audience's entertainment and whatever makes them stay is the way to go. Funny and interesting are the qualities the viewers look for in a streamer and when they find it in you, they will come back.

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It is no secret that consistency is what separates a successful streamer from an unsuccessful one. Before you average 100 viewers in your streams, you might have to spend months or years trying to get your channel out there. Most streamers grow impatient with the fact they’re despite their hard work, the progress is far from what they expect, and eventually give up. If you really feel passionate about streaming, no matter how boring it gets, it is only fair that you keep at it even though you see no progress in terms of channel growth. Make a routine, keep time for the rest of your activities but fix a time for streaming, which gives your audience the idea about when you are going live and they might come looking for your stream.

Pokimane, one of the most popular streamers follows a consistent schedule which was fundamental in her growth. Photo via Pokimane Twitter


What most streams fail at is the poor promotion of their channel. The likes of Twitch and YouTube never promote streams with viewers in single digits, however, platforms like Facebook and Reddit are great to share your stream. Find groups, communities, and subreddits where you think there is a chance for people to find interest in your content and promote it on a daily basis. Make sure you drop a post when you go live every time and this way you can build a small group audience who constantly get back to your stream. Once a small group is established then it gets easier to build from there. Friends and family are another way to go, people who know you have a better chance of helping your channel grow, it is them who will support you when your stream has no audience, the first step towards promoting your channel would be sharing it between your friends and family.


Video and Audio:

The mood of any live stream is instantly uplifted if the streamer is visible, however, a common mistake that many make is to compromise on audio to improve your video. Audio is just as important and you do not need a professional camera for videos. A half-decent webcam paired with a well-lit view of the streamer would suffice; for audio, get a shotgun mic or a headphone with a good microphone and together they will do the trick. These are investments that will yield results in the long run and as important as they are do not make it a reason to hurt your pockets.

Upgrade your hardware in an organized way. Photo Via Cnet

Know what to upgrade:

Your computer is the key, make sure to know what it lacks before you jump onto a stream. Be our own audience to figure out what your stream lacks then work on it. Make a propriety order for gears that you want to upgrade then do it according instead of haphazardly upgrading the first part that you can get your hands on.

These tips are put together with an average streamer in mind, some of the tips may be relevant to you, while others may not. Do not stop experimenting with your content in an attempt to figure out what works for you.

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