Credits to India Today Gaming. ESPL Season 2 is soon going to start.

Tiger Shroff is going to be the Brand Ambassador for ESPL Season 2?

Newsroom Jul 13, 2022

In this blog, we will get to know all about who is the next brand ambassador of ESPL Season 2.

We have got some exciting news about the brand ambassador of the ESPL Season 2.
In Season 1, the brand ambassador was Tiger Shroff.
ESPL Season 2 is all set to be starting soon.

We have great news for the people who have recently been getting into Indian Esports. It seems that the community is slowly getting the recognition it deserves. ESPL, or the Esports Premier League, is one of the biggest Esports tournaments organiser in the country right now. They have come up with exciting news, which is sure to make Esports all the more popular in India. They have recently brought in a brand ambassador, and we are sure you will be more excited than shocked when you get to know about it.

Who is the Brand Ambassador for ESPL Season 2?

Credits to The Finance Express. Tiger Shroff is the Brand Ambassador of ESPL Season 2. 

Now that we have come to the main part of the blog, let us dive right into it. So basically, the brand ambassador of ESPL Season 2 is going to be the same person who was there in Season 1. Yes, it is none other than Tiger Shroff! He was already the brand ambassador for Season 1, and it seems that people were quite fond of him. The head of the company also feels that it would be quite a waste to try to find someone else as a brand ambassador and has decided to go along with Tiger Shroff once again.

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They feel that he is one of the most popular Bollywood actors, and getting such a big name as a brand ambassador definitely has some of its advantages. He has a huge fan base, and that has helped ESPL get some good recognition. Not only this, but they have also benefited a lot from this deal in the sense that even Shroff is a huge fan of video games. They feel that their vision and his interests line up perfectly. Hence, it would be great to have him on the team as a brand ambassador.

What is ESPL Season 2?

For those who are not aware, the ESPL Season 2 is one of the biggest BGMI Esports tournaments. The registrations are live right now, and hence, if you have a BGMI team, and want to take part in the League, you can start registering now.

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