Steam is one of the popular places to download your games and be in touch with your friends!

Credits to Steam. Steam is one of the popular places to download your games and be in touch with your friends!

This Old Game is the Steam Weekly Top Seller!

Newsroom Sep 13, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking at how did Forza Horizon 5 get to the top of the list in the Weekly Charts?

Steam is one of the most popular game launchers and you can get almost any PC game available on this planet officially. Hence, the weekly charts released by Steam are usually authentic indicators of which games are actually doing well in the community right now, and which games can be considered as flops. Maximum people use Steam for playing and downloading games, as they sometimes come up with attractive offers and discounts on official games that you will not get if you buy them from a developing company. However, recently, one such Top Seller Weekly chart was released, and people were suddenly astonished as to see an old racing game being on top of the charts. In today’s new blog, we will be looking at why the game suddenly gained such a huge popularity?

Which game was the Steam Weekly Top Seller?

Well, you might or might not be surprised but the Steam Weekly Top Seller game was Forza Horizon 4! Yes, the game that was released back in 2018 suddenly got all the more popular and rose to the top. What is more shocking about it is that Forza Horizon 5 has been released recently, and that game has not yet been able to reach the top charts. This has suddenly taken the gamer communities’ attention, and everyone got really confused for a second as to what exactly happened. There have been tons of new games that were released in the past week, and they were all behind a game that was released back in 2018!

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Why is Forza Horizon 4 in the Top Charts?

For those who are wondering what happened, and how did the old game get so popular. Well, Forza Horizon is one of the most popular driving game series that has ever existed, and quite recently Forza Horizon 5 had come out. However, there was a huge discount on Steam for Forza Horizon 4. There was a 67% discount on the game, making it $19.79 which comes to 1571.11 INR.

Credits to Xbox. Forza Horizon 4.

Steam is known for giving out discounts and sales most of the time, and this is the reason why gamers usually prefer using this platform over others. If you have a look at the Home page of Steam you will find that maximum of the games is given at a discounted price. Forza Horizon 4 has been quite in demand, and it was after quite a long time when Steam decided to reduce the price of the game to such a huge extent. Hence, everybody jumped at the opportunity, and finally, we got the game to be the most selling game of the week. This has definitely given us hope that perhaps Steam will now try to give more discounts on more popular games!

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