Credits to Krafton. BGMI is one of the most popular Esports game in India.

These five tips will make you a BGMI PRO!

Strategy Jul 15, 2022

In this blog, we will go through some important tips and tricks that you need to know if you want to become a BGMI Pro!

If you believe you have what it takes to become a pro player in BGMI but don't know how to get there, we are here to help! In today’s blog, we will be getting into some of the 5 tips that will make you a BGMI Pro! However, only following these tips and tricks will not help you single-handedly. It is quite difficult to rank up in the higher ranks, and the gameplay just keeps getting better. However, there is nothing to be too worried about.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro

Now without wasting much time, let us get into the five tips to becoming a BGMI Pro:

Understanding the Maps

Credits to Gurugamer. All the BGMI maps.

This has to be the most important thing that you keep in your mind even when you are just starting to play the game. If you do not know the maps properly, you will never understand where to go and how to proceed. This will only create more confusion as the zone will keep closing in. The pros also make sure to study the maps in the hope of trying to find a pattern of loot and drops. If you follow it closely enough, you will find that there are some specific places in the maps that get some special drops. This will give you a great advantage over the enemies, as you can easily go ahead and wait for the drops. Once you get your hands on them, you can easily make sure that you get the unique and best weapons and resources.

If you properly study the map, you will already know when the zones are closing in, which are the vulnerable spots, and everything. If you are a beginner, it is alright if you just follow the whole team or the crowd. However, once you are aiming at going pro, you need to find strategic points on the map over which you will have an advantage over your enemies. Hence, make sure to play out all the maps, and also study them properly when you are playing on them.


Credits to Techn Brotherzz. This is a close-range fight.

Another major point where most beginners fail, and which would actually make you a pro, is gunfights. Just going in and shooting with a better aim at your enemies is not something that is actually quite a big brain strategy and also expected from the pros. Hence, the first thing that you have to learn is to understand which sort of gunfire you will get into. Again, for that, you will have to understand which type of combat you are comfortable with. This means that if you are comfortable with close-range battles, then make sure not to engage in long-range combat. Try to sneak up on the enemy, and then eliminate them. Similarly, if you are more comfortable with long-range combat, then make sure to keep your distance from the enemies, and try to find their position. If you see that they are at a distance, try to pick a fight then. Hence, this will give you a proper advantage over your enemies, as you will be playing from your boundaries.

Another thing is to study your enemies’ gunfight styles. If you discover that a specific member of the opposing team is better at close combat than you are, or if you are unable to engage in close combat, avoid them. Leave them to your team’s long-range combaters. You can try to sneak up to the long rangers and try to eliminate them instead. This reverse strategy will help you to surprise your enemies, and you can also learn from them as you study them or their combat style.

Find a Position

Credits to Techno Brotherzz. You can try to even take cover in the long grass areas. 

One of the most common mistakes that anyone makes while going pro is discarding the fact that they need to hide or take cover. Most beginners either try to stay in cover at all times or simply walk around in the open. These are all lethal mistakes. When you are trying to go pro, you will have to make sure that you are in a space, where you will not be seen by the enemy easily, yet you can see them. Also, you have to make sure that the place has a good exit point. Imagine being stuck in a building, as some of the enemies approach you, and you find out that the building has only one entrance. This will just score a point for them. Therefore, whenever you are getting into a building or taking cover, make sure to explore the area for a bit before settling down, otherwise, you could be quite in trouble.

This video might help you as well:

Using smoke grenades

Credits to Sportskeeda. Smoke grenades are the most helpful ammo. 

If you are thinking of going to the pro level, you need to get out of the mindset that your ammo or guns are the only things that are going to help you in a gunfight or a sticky situation with your enemy. You will have to learn to use the various other abilities presented to you by the game and need to use them with proper strategies and tactics. One such ability that is extremely useful is smoke grenades. They are quite underrated by beginners, but they are used quite a lot among the pros. If used properly, smoke grenades usually help with blocking off the vision of the enemies. This can help you escape your enemies, or even surprise them out of nowhere. Hence, make sure to go around with a smoke grenade and use it to your advantage.

Trust in the Team

Credits to HT Tech. You got to play with the team whenever you are in high ranks.

At the end of the day, when you are playing, even though you are going solo, you are playing with a team. Something that is a major difference between a beginner’s team and a pro’s team is the level of communication and trust they have in each other. This means that you've got to give out proper calls and also ensure that you can trust your other team members that they will be playing out their roles as well as vice versa. Trust goes both ways; you need to win their trust, and you also have to trust them and help them too.


These were the top five tips and tricks that will definitely make you a BGMI Pro. However, as mentioned before, just following them will not be enough, and you will have to go through intense training and practise sessions. You will also need strong willpower and dedication because the path to becoming a professional player is not easy.

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