Credits to Unsplash. VR is the next biggest thing in the gaming industry

Top VR games announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

Newsroom Apr 22, 2022
Meta Quest unveiled some of the best games to be adapted into VR.
All the games are to come out this year.
Some of the games are Ghostbusters, Among Us, etc!
Credits to AS USA. The meta Quest Showcase was quite a huge event.

Recently, the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase was held, and we have to say, we are impressed. If you have not yet caught up on what happened on the show, all we can say is that gaming technology is advancing at a high pace, and we are all for it! They have announced that there is going to be a list of games that will be coming to VR! This means all the games that have been extremely popular will be changed to VR games too. This is some next-level news that we have for today’s blog!

What Games Will Be Introduced as VR?

Now coming to the main question, we will be getting into which games will be introduced as VR within the next year.

Ghostbusters VR

That is right! Everyone’s favourite game, Ghostbusters, is coming to VR with the help of Oculus Quest 2. The game was announced by Mark Zuckerberg himself, at the very end of the show, and no wonder we were surprised. Can you imagine going about the town, and trying to trap various types of ghosts just like you did back then? However, this time, you will play it in 3D, inside the game! This is our dream come true! Though they have not yet given us a release date, it is supposed to come out within the next year.

Among Us VR

This was something we had not anticipated, and it was still the best news we had received during the show! Can you imagine doing tasks and venting out in VR? This would be more than amazing, and even scary too. We would not like to be killed while fixing the wires in Electrical! Another good thing about the whole enterprise is that InnerSloth, Robot Teddy, and Schell Games will be collaborating on this project together. If you are a huge VR fan, you must be aware that Schell Games has done some amazing projects like Until You Fall and I Expect You to Die 2. Therefore, we already know that the Among Us VR project is going to be an extremely realistic, fun, and even scary project.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners-Chapter 2: Retribution

We guess you will be pretty hyped up when you find this name on the list. The Walking Dead’s Chapter 2 was released some two years ago and blew up immediately. People were obsessed with the game and wanted more from it. However, finally, we will be getting the whole of Chapter 2 in VR!

Yet, it won't end here alone. There will be more changes to the game as well, to make it more intriguing. There will be new walkers and new dangers too. Hence, make sure to check back in late 2022, as the game might be released then.

Resident Evil 4-The Mercenaries

This is another game that is sure to blow your mind when it comes to VR! Resident Evil 4 was one of the most popular games released last year. However, this time they are bringing in the Mercenaries. What could be more epic than this? Also, the game will be made by Oculus Studios itself. Hence, this game is sure to be a banger when it releases!

Other Games

There are tons of other games too that will be coming out soon. Like Beat Saber-Electronic Mixtape, RUINSMAGUS, Moss: Book II, Red Matter 2, NFL PRO ERA, Bonelab, Cities: VR, etc. All of these games will be coming out later this year. Hence, make sure to keep an eye out for the Meta Quest.

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