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Top recent Free Fire Tournaments!

Community Jun 24, 2022

If you are into Free Fire quite passionately and are also quite enthusiastic about the Esports community in Free Fire, then you must also be interested in Free Fire tournaments. For the betterment of your game style, it is always best to watch the tournaments, and also follow the streams of your favourite gamers. This would help you to know how to improve quickly, and how you can also be a part of the tournaments. Hence, today we bring to you some of the top recent Free Fire tournaments in 2021 that you might have missed, and you can go back for the clips. They will help you to understand how you can rank up quickly.

List of the top Free Fire tournaments

Without wasting much time, let us get into the top Free Fire tournaments in 2021, which should not be missed in the future either:

Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore

Garena comes up with their Free Fire World Series twice a year, and this was the last World Series of 2021, held in Singapore. The success of the first World Series helped them get such recognition the second time too. Free Fire fans were more than excited to witness the whole World Series that was held from May 28th to May 30th. The Grand Finals were held on May 30th, and they had a steady average viewership of 2,087,000. However, the highest was recorded during the Finals with some, 5 415 990 viewers. As a result, there is little doubt that this was one of Garena's best tournaments in 2021.

Credits to BGR India. Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore.

The World Series was won by the Phoenix Force, which won a cash pool of $500,000. The other runner-ups of the Series were LOUD, Silence, and Fluxo. The Series was quite an intense one, with some 18 teams at the beginning of the series, and only 9 teams making it to the finales.

Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021 Opening

This tournament was held in the Latinoamerica region to come up with a direct qualifier for the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore. The reason why this opening was so popular is that it covered the areas of Latin America and the other parts of America too. The entire region is well-known for its gaming activities, and the Esports community is far stronger in all of these areas than in most of the other areas where the openings are held. The opening started on January 16th and went on till March 21st. They had taken quite a long time with their whole opening, and yet they got an average of 98,509 viewers, with the highest number of viewers on the Finale Day 1 460 906.

Credits to Esports Charts. Free Fire League Latinoamerica 2021 Opening.

The winner of the Opening was Team Aze, who had got the green signal to directly go to the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore and represent their region. The other runner-ups were God’s Plan (who got the ticket to go to the Singapore Play-Offs and the Closing too), Arctic Gaming Mexico and Malvinas Gaming. The last two teams also qualified to go to the Closing too. Hence, it was quite a win-win situation for all the runner-ups and the winning teams.

Free Fire Asia Championship 2021

This was another massive tournament that was open for all the Asian countries to take part in, which means India was also quite a huge part of the tournament. There were a total of 31 teams who had taken part in the Championship, and it went on from November 20th to November 28th. Even though this was quite a small-time Championship, still had a massive effect on the Esports community. For the Finales, things were done a bit differently. The other 5 teams were invited to the Finals, and the rest of the 7 teams were qualified from the play-ins. Still, that did not disappoint the audience, and they were more excited to witness the Finals. This was proved by the fact, that the whole Championship had an average viewership of 357 209, but for the Finales there was the highest number of viewers at 1 089 311.

Credits to BGR India. Free Fire Asia Championship 2021.

The winner of the Free Fire Asia Championship 2021 was HQ Esports which also won a cash prize of $80,000. The other teams in the runner-up position were GPX Esports, CGGG, and Heavy.

Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall

This was also quite a hyped tournament where the regions of India and Nepal could take part in the Championship. It was quite popular, and though there is no guarantee that the Championship will come back again this year, The Championship started with a League Circuit on September 17th, and the Finals were held on October 17th. The whole Championship had gone for a whole month, but that did not stop the fans from losing any interest in the tournament. In fact, for the whole Championship 2021, there was an average viewership of 1 million. The maximum number of viewers for the finals was 1 million.

Credits to GamingonPhone. Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall.

The winner of the Championship was Team Elite. They won a prize pool of ₹35,00,000 and got a direct position in the Free Fire Asia Championship 2021. The other runner-ups were PVS Gaming, Total Gaming Esports, and Desi Gamers. All of them got the chance to get into the Free Fire Asia Championships Play-Ins and also to qualify for the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Winter directly.


These were some of the top Free Fire tournaments in 2021 that lived up to their hype, and people still await the tournaments in 2022. They have managed to attract some 1 million viewers and followers and will continue to do so. You can catch up with these tournaments when they are held this year too. There might be some new Leagues and Championships that will be coming up in 2022 too!

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