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Top Five LOL Esports Teams

Community May 3, 2022

All the championships of League of Legends are some of the most popular Esports events in the world, and Riot Games makes sure to make it all the grander every year. The game has already been played for 10 years, and it seems that the hype has still not died for the game. It seems to be an evergreen type of game that will go on for the longest time. In today’s blog, we will be getting into the top 5 LOL Esports Teams in the world. There are plenty of world-famous LOL Esports teams, and putting them into the top 5 is quite a tedious task, but let us get into it!

The Top 5 LOL Esports Teams

Here is the list of the top 5 LOL Esports teams from all across the world.


This is by far one of the best LOL Esports teams in the world. This Korean team is a fan favourite and has rightfully gone up the charts. The Esports team was founded in 2012 under the name SK Telecom T1. From then on, it had an extremely long journey to finally reach the position where it is now. Well, of course, now the team has also managed to hold on to its consistency and is still giving strong competition to any team who comes to challenge its authority. Many professionals believe that T1 might be going downhill for quite some time.

Credits to ESTNN. T1.

However, they have proved all the haters wrong by winning the LCK Spring 2022, and we are more than sure that they will be putting up a grand show in the World Championship and Series. The other achievements that T1 has been getting recently are being the winner of the LCK Spring 2019, and they also won the 2017 World Championship. Currently, the roasters include Zeus, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, Keria, and Asper.

Damwon KIA

This Korean Esports team was formed back in 2017 and was not initially thought of as a team. This team was made up of MiraGe Gaming, who at that time had just gotten out of the Korean Challenger Scene. However, though their first steps were a bit wobbly, they had definitely learned to come back sooner than any team in the world. With every gameplay and match that we get to witness, it is quite clear that Damwon KIA is just getting better at what they are doing. This is quite clear at the rate that they have progressed in the ranks, so much so that many consider that they will soon win one of the World Championships quite soon.

Credits to Damwon KIA.

Their major wins were in 2020, when they started to win in the LCK Summer 2020 and then ended it with a bang by bagging the first prize in the 2020 World Championship. That was some journey, and it left the world breathless. In 2021, they came 2nd in the MSI, and in the most recent matches, that is, the LCK Summer 2022, they have already come in 3rd. Hence, it will be quite interesting to see them play at this year’s MSI, and also at the World Championships. Their current roasters include Burdol, Nuguri, ShowMaker, Kellin, Hoya, Canyon, and, deokdam.

FunPlus Phoenix

This was a recently formed team, and they had reached the top extremely quickly. Formed only in 2017, this Chinese Esports team has defeated some of the most well-known Esports teams in LOL in major leagues and championships. This made the audience give them immense respect. It is quite a rare sight to see new teams coming up and defeating the major popular teams with such grace. However, when they first entered the world championships and leagues, they gave their A+ performance, and now many feel that they have not been able to keep up with their smooth gameplay and that there is a lot of scope for improvement.

Credits to Leaguepedia. FunPlus Phoenix.

Their first major victory came in the 2019 World Championship, and they have since risen to prominence. After that, some of the major wins were those of the LPL Spring and LPL Summer 2021, where they came in second. However, in the 2021 World Championship, where people had expected them to give an outstanding performance, they ranked below 10 even. This was quite disheartening. However, we hope that they will rise soon enough. Their current roasters include xiaolaohu, Beichuan, Care, Lwx, Jiang, Lele, Hang, Gori, and Clid.

G2 Esports

Now, this is another major Esports organisation that has managed to make a name in every Esports possible. Whether you check in on CS: GO, Halo, Valorant, Rainox Six, etc you will find G2’s team to be one of the best. And why not? All their players are always one of the best, and you can get that from their gameplay. Everyone puts in that extra effort, and that just shows. However, as glorious as G2’s Esports teams seem to be in other Esports, unfortunately, they have not been able to bag any major titles in the World Championships. This is something a bit humiliating for a team that was once known as the Kings of Europe.

Credits to ESTNN. G2 Esports.

Despite finishing in second place in the 2019 World Championship. However, for a team of such repute, there are always high expectations from G2 Esports. However, they have managed to completely dominate the lower qualifiers and splits. As they have done in the past, they have won the LEC Spring 2020 and LEC Summer 2020 in first place. Even in 2019, they got the first position in LEC Summer 2019 and LEC Spring 2019, as well as in the Mid-Season Invitational 2019. Hence, it is just a matter of time when G2 Esports actually rises and even gets the first prize in the World Championships, and we hope that happens soon enough. Their recent roasters include BrokenBlade, caPs, Jankos, Flakked, and Targamas.

Invictus Gaming

This is another Esports team that has struggled a lot to get to the position where they are now. From the time when it entered the competitive scene, it was not easy for Invictus Gaming to climb the ranks as it has now. Then they were not performing that well, and a lot of people had multiple opinions on whether they should continue to play in the LOL competitive scene. However, they had finally come back with a stronger force, and everyone felt that. With a few changes in their gameplay and tactics, they suddenly seem to be a reformed team altogether. The fact that they are learning from their mistakes and still growing is always admirable in any Esports team.

Credits to Pandaily. Invictus Gaming.

Their major achievement came in 2018 when they bagged the first prize in the 2018 World Championship. It was a completely unexpected turn for Invictus Gaming, and it effectively silenced the critics. They also won the Demacia Cup Winter 2018. In 2019, they were unable to compete for first place, but they did finish third in the 2019 World Championship. Even in the MSI 2019, they had the same rank. We hope that they will be back working on their gameplay to keep their glory in check.


These were the best five League of Legends Esports teams. There are a lot more like Royal Never Give Up, Fnatic, Top Esports, etc. However, this was it for our list. If you feel that they should be replaced by some other team, do let us know in the comments below!

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