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Top 5 FreeFire Esports Teams

Community May 2, 2022

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games and has hosted quite a few grand eSports events too. In today’s blog, we will be aiming to get into the top 5 Free Fire eSports teams all across the world. Back in 2020, there were quite a few Indian teams on the list too! However, following the ban, no one from India can participate in eSports events. Though unfortunate, the decision was made for a reason, and people have to comply with it. Nonetheless, let us see which of the Free Fire eSports teams have taken up the spots.

The Top 5 Free Fire Esports Teams

Without wasting any more time, let us get into the top 5 Free Fire eSports Teams:


After winning the Free Fire World Series in 2019, this team has started to grow. Corinthians have managed to rise to new heights in eSports, and people all over the world are quite shocked. This Brazilian team has finally demonstrated to the world that they, too, can dominate eSports events in the same way that other major countries do. Another fun fact about the Corinthians is that they are a football club in Brazil. The company also wanted to branch off to eSports for expanding its presence. They had gone ahead with Free Fire, and it seems that this was the best decision for the company.

Credits to ONE Esports. Corinthians.

Presently, the roasters for Free Fire include Kied, who is the coach of the team, VITINxp, Band, memgod, and Razure. All of them together have played incredibly well in the 2019 series. Even though they had significantly improved their gameplay since then, they were unable to win the subsequent series. However, we would like to hope that Corinthians will soon get their spark back and win another series for Brazil.

EVOS Divine

You might have guessed it from the name, but this eSports team belongs to EVOS eSports, and they are just the Free Fire segment. For those who do not know, EVOS Esports is a massive eSports organisation from Indonesia, that has been dominating all the battle royale games. Quite recently, EVOS Esports won the PMPL Indonesia 2022 Spring and qualified for the SEA Championships! Hence, there is no doubt that EVOS Divine will be one of the highest-ranking eSports teams in Free Fire too.

Credits to Newsdelivers. EVOS Divine.

One of the massive achievements of EVOS Divine was winning the Free Fire World Cup 2019. However, that was not the only win that they got. Every year they seem to get closer to becoming one of the best teams by bagging numerous championships and leagues. We are quite excited to see them play at this year’s World Cup and if they are going to beat their record or not. The most recent win has been in the Free Fire Master League Season 5 Division 1. Currently, the roasters for EVOS Divine are Manay, who is the coach, AbaaaX, Bion, Kenzoo, Street, Mr05, and SAM13, who is the captain of the team.

Team Flash

This is another South-East Asian eSports organisation that has been noticed by all for its extremely smooth gameplay and mind-blowing tactics. Based in Singapore, Team Flash has risen to popularity quite recently, in 2020. Ever since then, they have been seen in quite a few high-level tournaments and leagues. Various professionals believe that Team Flash has not yet unleashed its full potential and that they will have to work a bit more on themselves. However, their win in the 2020 Esports Presidential Cup tournament was amazing! The eSports organisation also has teams for games like League of Legends, FIFA, DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Free Fire, and Arena of Valour.

Credits to OtakuGo. Team Flash.

Currently, their roaster consists of CEO, Shin, Bloody, Floren, Brian, and Beo, who is the captain of the team. Their most recent win was when Shin was declared as Player of the Week 2 in the Vietnam Free Fire League Series A 2022 Spring. They have also been the runners-up in the same league. It would be quite interesting to see them in the Championship playing against other teams.

paiN Gaming

This is another Brazilian eSports organisation, which also has teams in the other eSports games as well. You will find paiN Gaming in League of Legends, CS: GO, Rainbox Six, Clash Royale, and Arena of Valour. Hence, they have been in the eSports scene for quite some time now. Though they might not have managed to get as many awards and wins as the teams before, they are much appreciated in the community for their extremely unique game style, and also 100 IQ strategies. Therefore, if you want, you can check out their games when they are playing in the tournaments

Credits to Observation de Games. paiN Gaming.

Their roasters include Metal, who is the coach, GUIFOX, Lipking, ROCKsx, and KAYKE. There have been quite a lot of team changes in the past two years, but it was plainly because they could not find the spark with all the team members. For now, they are good to go and are showing a lot of promise. Their massive wins were when they became the 2nd runner-up in the C.O.P.A Free Fire in 2020, and in the same year, they also came 3rd in the Gigantes Free Fire. 2020 was the year for paiN Gaming.

RRQ Kazu

You must have heard about Team RRQ. It is yet another multi-gaming organisation from Indonesia that appears to be dominating in every other battle royale and some eSports events. In Free Fire, they go by the name of RRQ Kazu and have managed to get a good fan base that loves to see them play in any tournaments or leagues. Some also refer to the name of the team as RRQ Hades, as back in 2019, the squad was formed with an acquisition from SFI ZET Hades. Nonetheless, the team is still popularly known as RRQ Kazu.

Credits to GGWP ID. RRQ Kazu.

The roasters of the team go as PacMan, Razor, Jars, Maybee, and Legaeloth, who is the captain of the team. All of them have great game sense and chemistry, which helps them dominate when it comes to the game. Their most recent win has been the Dunia Games WIB Season 14: Special Ramadhan, where they came 1st in Tier 4. They have also come 2nd in the Free Fire Master League Season 5 Division 2. However, it was their second-place finish at the Free Fire Indonesia Masters 2020 Fall that catapulted them to prominence.


These are the best five Free Fire eSports teams in the world. There are plenty of other teams that are amazing as well. However, they have not been mentioned in the list. For example, ILLUMINATE Slow TwoK, LOUD, Keyd, etc. If you feel some other teams should have been added to the list, let us know in the comments below!

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