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The third season of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is now out!

Newsroom May 3, 2022
  • We have Godzilla and King Kong brawl against each other on the beaches of Caldera.
  • There's a brand new battle pass and a few new items of interest on Caldera.
  • Big changes to the sniper guns in Warzone and the list of snipers that will one-shot.
  • Update sizes.

We hope you finished your last battle pass since Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific's new season begins today. Season 3, Classified Arms, has fewer hours of content than previous seasons at launch, but gamers have something greater to look forward to in May: Operation Monarch, a limited-time mode in which Godzilla and King Kong brawl against each other on the beaches of Caldera. That should be really interesting.

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But, until the two villains square off, this is a tiny upgrade. As expected, there's a brand new battle pass and a few new items of interest on Caldera, including an excavation site that appears to house the lost remains of King Kong and Godzilla, and the comeback of Iron Trials, Warzone's classic Verdansk map's extreme spin on battle royale. There are also two new Vanguard weapons: the Nikita AVT assault rifle and the M1916 sniper.

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As is customary, getting the battle pass and blasting through the first 20 levels, which will almost certainly include a few aesthetic packs for each pistol, is the easiest method to acquire this new weaponry.

Raven Software is also making big changes to the sniper guns in Warzone. Because of their capability to one-shot-kill to the head, snipers have grown even more popular since their health increased to 150. Raven prefers snipers in this niche but is limiting their effectiveness by lowering the maximum one-shot kill range for several of them. The specific adjustments can be found in the patch notes, so here are the snipers that will retain their ability to one-shot-kill to the skull at any range:

  1. HDR (MW)
  2. Sniper Rifle Charlie (MW)
  3. 20mm ZRG (BOCW)
  4. 3-Line Rifle (VG)
  5. The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (VG)

Now comes the hard part: the Season 3 upgrade is a 38GB upgrade on PC. It's a staggering 98GB if you update both Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone. So, if you're not planning on playing Modern Warfare 2 anytime in the near future yet have it downloaded for whatever purpose, spare yourself some trouble by uninstalling it before proceeding with this update.

That is all for this article, hope you enjoyed it!

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