The Most Expensive CSGO Skins in 2022. Photo via CSGO.

The Most Expensive CSGO Skins in 2022. Photo via CSGO.

The Most Expensive CSGO Skins in 2022

Community Dec 9, 2022

The CSGO esports scene has grown at an alarming rate in the past few years but so has the skin industry. Skins in CSGO hold value like no other games, with the most expensive skins being more expensive than a fully speced Rolls Royce. Over the years, as skins get rare, we see them rise in value and now we find an entire economy built around trading video game skins.

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As skins get more and more expensive, we try to figure out which of the many skins are the most expensive among the pack and what is the story behind them being so expensive to the point they have arrived at this insane price point.  

1. Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem): $1.5 million+

Pretty Karambit blue gem. Photo via CSGO.

Case Hardened Karambit, Factory  New in the 387 patterns is a practically legendary skin. It was purchased in 2016 for somewhat more than $100,000, yet is currently esteemed significantly higher. In spite of the fact that it hasn't been sold at this point, the proprietor turned down a proposal of €1.2m (around $1.5m USD at that point) - recommending that for somebody to have the option to obtain it, they would need to pay more than $1.5 million USD. Part of the justification for this is that the possibility of opening similar knives from cases is around 1 out of 371 million.

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2. Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore: $10,000 – $100,000+

The sniper with the Dragon. Photo via CSGO.

One of the most appreciated guns in CS:GO is the AWP, otherwise called the Magnum Sharpshooter Rifle back in the 1.6 Days. Along these lines, the skins on this thing sell for totally crazy measures of cash. The AWP is an unbelievable weapon that permitted us to pull off plenty of fantastic and apparently inconceivable plays. It is totally fitting that an AWP skin will be among the most expensive skins that anyone could hope to find inside the game. A red-winged serpent that inhales fire and has a beige-ish complete process, providing it with the presence of being old, is included on the Mythical beast Legend AWP skin. The ongoing asking cost for a Gift Mythical serpent Legend that is Production line New and incorporates no stickers is $231,000. This AWP skin could undoubtedly be esteemed at more than $100,000 or much more assuming it was embellished with the proper stickers.

3. AK-47 Case Hardened (661): $30,000-$100,000+

As pretty as the Karambit. Photo via CSGO.

The following thing on our rundown is an Unfeeling skin that we have accessible. We are as of now mindful of the worth that might be gotten by using a specific Case Harden design numbered #661, or the "scar pattern," is the AK-47 Unfeeling example to look for. With this specific example, the highest point of the weapon will seem, by all accounts, to be totally clear and will be an energetic shade of blue. Furthermore, it has a golden  "scar" neighbouring the back sight, which is where the name "scar design" comes from. It's the best example of an AK-47 Unfeeling skin, and you can gain it here. AK-47 Unfeeling is important for the Arms Deal Collection and found in the CS:GO Weapon Case.

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4. M4A4 Howl: $2,000 – $30,000+

Most highly coveted M4. Photo via CSGO. 

After the scandalous M4A4 Wail skin incident many believed that the skin to be stolen by the developers had originally picked it up from the community. This brought about an uptick in the skin's high fortune. With the current digital money market hitting new levels consistently, it has to be sure to add more wretchedness to its Worth. With 4 Titan Katowice, 2014 Holos created, this Stattrak M4A4 Yell is currently available to anyone with an incredible sticker price of $180,000 USD. The proprietor of a similar would be absolutely incredible after Valve chose to pull out the CSGO Key exchange which made this skin harder to lay hands on.


Clean knife. Photo via HLTV.

A factory new Butterfly Knife 2 skin costs $6,000 StatTrak costs $6,200. It is difficult to get StatTrak™ kills with blades in any case, so having a StatTrak™ version isn't worth the extra $200. Butterfly Knife Lore dropped on September 21, 2021, as a part of Dreams and Nightmares. It has a contorted brilliant cutting edge. The essential shade is armed force green, and there are a few yellow hints and accents all through.

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