Credits to Current Affairs. Asian Games 2022 was supposed to take place in September.

The Indian esports team will continue its preparations for the Asian Games in 2022

Newsroom May 13, 2022
The Asian Games 2022 has been postponed indefinitely.
This is going to cause a lot of problems for those who are going to participate in other Esports tournaments and leagues.
However, the Indian Esports players have some completely different opinion.  

This was going to be the first time ever that Esports was going to be a category at the Asian Games 2022. Unfortunately, we might not get to see that this year, or at least not in September. China is again getting infected with the new coronavirus wave and has decided to put a hold on the much-awaited Asian Games 2022. In today’s blog, we will be getting down to what the Indian Esports team has to say about the indefinite postponement and how they are preparing for it all.

What does the Indian Esports Team have to say about this?

There was a sudden disappointment among all the Esports players in Asia when it was revealed that the Asian Games had been postponed. As previously stated, this was the first time Asian Games would host Esports as a genre, and there were several titles in the works. Most of the players, specifically those who play League of Legends, will be facing a lot of issues regarding this sudden change in plans. If the Asian Games are held later this year, there will be quite a lot of problems, and it would be in conflict with their schedule. They will have to compromise with their break time and tournaments if they really want to play in the Asian Games.

Credits to Sportskeeda. Charanjot Singh.

On the other hand, we find that the Indian Esports players are actually quite hyped up about the postponement, even though they do feel quite sad about the Games getting postponed. What gets them excited is that they will continue to practise for the games and strive to improve. They felt that the extra time that they got would help them to get some better practice too. This is what most of the people in the Indian Esports team believe. Players like Charanjot Singh and Mayank Prajapati, are thinking about utilising the time for their own betterment.

Credits to Sportskeeda. Mayank Prajapati.

This does not mean that they are apathetic to other countries’ players. Actually, India does not participate in the League of Legends Championship, so they are not feeling the pressure of the schedule that much. They can afford to take time for themselves and keep up with their practices in preparation for the Asian Games.

When will the Asian Games return?

This is another issue that has been in question ever since the Chinese government decided to postpone the Asian Games 2022. The saddest part is that we still do not have any information on when exactly the Games will come back. It all depends on how well the cases can be brought under control and if they are not getting way too contaminated. In short, we have to wait out till things get a bit closer to normal, or completely normal, and then there will be the Asian Games. Hence, it seems that we have to wait for quite some time now.

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