Credits to Paytm Insider. A massive BGMI tournament is still ongoing.

Esports Premier League has signed a deal with a major Gaming Company to be their Digital Broadcasting Partner!

Jun 28, 2022

The EPL is signing a deal with Loco, the popular gaming company as their Digital Broadcasting Partner.
The EPL is also hosting one of the biggest BGMI tournaments with a lucrative cash prize.
The EPL tournament has already begun.

It seems that Esports have been getting quite popular and the market is growing too, especially in India. Every day, we hear about large and well-known corporations sponsoring or even collaborating with Indian Esports organizations. This is truly quite a boost to the market and is helping the Esports market to get more prominent in the country. In today’s news blog, we will get into who is going to be the Esports Premier League's signing as their digital broadcast partner. This is quite huge, as the BGMI Masters Series LAN Event’s broadcast partner is Star Sports.

Who is the Digital Broadcast Partner for the Esports Premier League?

Credits to Best Media Info. Loco is the digital broadcast partner for the tournament.

Now let us answer the main question first, which company is the Esports Premier League (EPL) going to collaborate with and make them the Digital Broadcast Partner. Well, it is none other than Loco. For those who live under the rock, Loco is a gaming company, where you will get all sorts of gaming services. You can play online games. You can also become a streamer using the platform. And you can also earn real money using the digital online games in Loco. In quite a short time, the company has managed to become one of the most prominent gaming companies in the country. They hosted quite a few small tournaments and leagues, or even became sponsors for a few. However, this could be the first time they are trying to become the digital partner for such a huge tournament.

What Is EPL Hosting Now?

You might be curious about what the EPL might be hosting this time. Well, they are going to host a massive BGMI tournament in the country. However, they are not only hosting a BGMI tournament. They are going for India’s first franchise-based league for gaming. They have started with BGMI first, and then they will start to expand in the coming years. For the time being, they are hosting the BGMI tournament, which has a cash prize of one crore. However, this is their second season, and this is going to be bigger than ever!

When is the EPL’s BGMI Tournament going to start?

Credits to InsideSport. You might want to catch up with the BGMI tournament.

With the BGMI Masters Series currently underway, many fans hoped that this tournament would begin later. Well, that is what they have been aiming for. The EPL BGMI Tournament has already started on June 15th, which is quite soon. The first series has already been done with, and this is going to be the next series. The EPL is also planning to go a bit above and beyond with the whole thing, as they want to establish a proper tournament culture in India.

Where to Watch the EPL’s BGMI Tournament?

If you are interested in watching the EPL’s BGMI tournament, then you might still catch it live on Loco. As the Digital Broadcasting Partner, they have made sure that the whole tournament will be live on their platform. Hence, if you want to check it out, make sure to register yourself on the app. You might also get some glimpses or highlights on the EPL’s own Youtube channel.

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