Credits to Forbes. Recent Gaming Technology has the potential to take our future to another level. 

Biggest Gaming Technology Trends that will Change the Future

Community Apr 2, 2022

Gaming technology has always proved to be ahead of its course and development more than any other field so far. These technologies become mainstream after a few years, and that's when people start to recognize or accept the trend. Today, we will be looking at the five biggest gaming technology trends in 2022 that can bring in some major changes in our daily lives, or at least in the way we handle our economic transactions. Forbes has recently come up with a list of the biggest trends that can change our future, and it will be interesting to note how much these trends influence our real life this year.

Now we will get into the list of the gaming technology trends that have the potential to have a huge impact:

Cloud gaming

This is one of the major trends that seems to have taken over the big industries already. If you are confused with the concept, we will help you to clear it up a bit. So, basically, before cloud gaming, you had to download a game on your device, and the game would use all the memory and discs on the device to run. That would cost a lot of memory and might even result in slowing down your processors. To combat this problem, cloud gaming was introduced.

Credits to Qualcomm. Cloud Gaming has already taken over the market. 

Typically, all games in cloud gaming are stored in a cloud, to which you can gain access by paying a fee. In return, the games do not run solely on your computer’s processor. It puts the minimum load possible on the device. Also, you could store more games than on your device. Hence, overall, it benefits you. The first cloud gaming service was introduced by Nvidia back in 2012. In 2019, Google announced its cloud service under the name Stadia. By the mid-2020s, Apple and Amazon had entered the fray and launched their own cloud gaming services. Asus and Intel are also working on their own cloud services. It is quite predictable that, after a few years, all the major companies will be providing gaming services.

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Virtual Reality

You must have heard about virtual reality by now. Everyone is quite aware of the technology. However, something that you might not have known is that this VR technology has been worked on since the 1970s. VR was first introduced for military, medical, and aerospace purposes. It was not meant for gaming at first. However, in the 1990s, VR was introduced into the world of gaming, and still, it took some time to take off. By 2010, the Oculus Rift was ready to be launched on the market, and with that came the rise of VR.

Credits to CNBC. VR is now used in almost all fields other than gaming.

From then on, all the massive companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., started to invest in the Virtual Reality market. Tons of games have been developed to be released in VR form. From then on, there has been a steep rise in demand for VR in the market. It is not only being used in the gaming world, but outside too. In fact, with the pandemic settling in, it has been recorded that the global VR market will rise to about 62.1 billion dollars by 2027.

The Metaverse

This is strongly related to VR technology. Due to the advancement of VR technology, the metaverse has been made possible. You must have recently heard about Metaverse being quite controversial with Zuckerberg trying to make it big. However, there are various reasons why Metaverse might not start right now. If there are some concerns regarding privacy and user safety, if they are solved, then there is no doubt that the metaverse will take off immediately. There is still a lot of development going on in this field. However, there is no doubt that Metaverse will soon be the biggest gaming technology trend in the coming years.

Credits to Search Engine Journal. Metaverse is still an upcoming project that will grow big in the future. 

Celebrities and entrepreneurs have already started to buy plots and land in the Metaverse, and there are even pop-ups to indicate where they live and everything. Hence, now you can virtually stay near your favorite celebrities and hang out with them whenever they are available. However, there is a lot of work being done in this area, and we have high hopes that it will soon be a revolutionary technology in both the gaming and non-gaming worlds.

Blockchain and NFTs

You must have heard about NFTs by now. These are digital tokens that are non-fungible. These tokens could be anything, starting from photos, videos, audio, etc. A blockchain is a cryptocurrency through which you can transfer and carry out transactions. Now, as all of this has already been quite a popular mode of economic transaction, Therefore, some of the major companies, like Square Enix and Ubisoft, are already on their way to introducing them in games. What they intend to do is to introduce these currencies into the game to be used as a way of winning rewards.

Credits to WIRED. NFTs are still a bit controversial in the market. 

Though this is something that might occur in the future, NFTs and blockchains have recently come to the market, and hence they can be said to be in the experimental stage. Hence, a lot of gamers are still not comfortable with games giving out NFTs or using NFTs as a mode of exchange. They also consider it a wasteful use of energy. Therefore, we do not know yet when it will get big, but surely, this mode of exchange has the potential to become as popular as Bitcoin.


Well, you might not consider this one a gaming technology, yet it is something that has managed to show the world what the gaming world is capable of. Esports is considering gaming as a legitimate genre of sport. Considering this, there should be leagues and tournaments for various games that are available on the market. The fact that Esports could be such a massive untapped market could be understood when the League of Legends championship and World Cups are held. The opening and closing ceremonies are so flamboyant, and they even use holograms from K/DA to perform on stage. All of this showed the world, how much a gaming company can contribute to the revenue of a country’s economy.

Credits to Mashable SEA. Esports has already become a huge revenue generator in the market.

However, after the Pandemic, it seems that Esports will only grow stronger and larger. With the Pandemic, people have got more time to get invested in gaming, and a lot of them have even managed to change their career paths. This has benefitted the Esports arena a lot. People now want to play in tournaments and leagues to help them with their gaming careers. Do you want to sort out your gaming career too? Then start participating in tournaments. Do not know where to start, well you may also download the Tournafest app from Google Play or App Store to play Esports Tournaments & Scrims of various games like BGMI, Free Fire MAX & Call of Duty & win exciting rewards! You may also organize Tournaments & fetch unmatched perks.

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