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The Best equipment for a Shot Caller in Free Fire Max

Strategy Apr 22, 2022

If you are getting into Free Fire Max, then you might want to get familiar with all the terms and basics of the game. In today’s blog, we will be discussing what could be the best equipment for the Shot Caller in Free Fire Max. Additionally, we will also be getting into exactly what a shot caller is and how one can be a shot caller on a team. The shot caller is quite an important position, and hence, you need to have a certain amount of practise before you can try to get into that position.

Who is a Shot Caller?

The shot caller is the person who IGLs for the team. In simpler terms, the shot caller will be the person who will be calling all the shots. If you are playing in a team, you will need someone who can keep giving you information, and someone who uses that information to put it to your advantage. You might feel that this is quite an easy process. However, in the tournaments and leagues, all of this is not possible for a single player. One cannot continue to analyse information while also killing enemies. Hence, shot callers are the ones who either go for a strong attack, or play on defence, and keep on analysing the stats for the resort of their teammates.

Credits to The Indian Express. Shot caller is basically the IGL of the team.

To become a shot caller, you will have to have a strong game sense. You need to know the maps and every resource available there to put everything to full use. You will also have to come up with tactics when you get some new information regarding the enemy’s movements. All of this is extremely stressful when you are also taking charge of your gameplay. Hence, most of the time, the shot callers tend to go for slow attacks or defend so that they can take more time to analyse the situation.

The Best Equipment for a Shot Caller in Free Fire Max

Now we will be getting into the best equipment you can carry in the game, or what gun combinations will serve you better in the game so that you can either get it for yourself or even recommend it to your teammates accordingly.

M1887 and PARAFAL

This gun combination will suit those layers who prefer to go for a medium-range to close-range attack. When you are using PARAFEL, then you need to go for close-range attacks. This gum combination will be best for those who like to attack the enemy from the front and have extremely good accuracy. The whole gun combination is based on how accurate you can be. Therefore, you can recommend this to your teammate if they are extremely accurate with their shots and will not mess up in close range.

Credits to FirstSportz. Parafel is one of the best guns in the game. 

Another gun to add to this combination is the M1887. This is a shotgun that is extremely useful if you are going for the short-range. The damage from the gun is close to 100. Hence, if you can manage to be accurate with your aim, there is no doubt that even an enemy with a level 3 helmet will be eliminated. Therefore, you can ask the teammate who has good aim and can go near the enemies and assault them better.

M1014 and M60

This is another combination that is quite similar to the previous one. The M1014 is a shotgun that can be used in close-range attacks. This is so popular because it can easily kill in one or two shots. The accuracy and damage dealt with this gun are extremely high. Therefore, make sure to recommend the shotgun only to those who are extremely good assaulters at close distances.

Credits to Explore the Buzz. M1014 is an LMG.

On the other hand, we have the M60, which is an LMG. Therefore, you can easily go ahead with this gun if you can handle the movement. This weapon is extremely useful when you are facing multiple enemies in the middle or at close range. This combination is extremely deadly when it falls into the hands of an extremely well-trained player. Therefore, if you feel that any of your teammates have exceptional skills, you have to recommend this combo to them.


This is another extremely good combination for those who are extremely good at both their aim and their game sense. This is something that you, being the shot caller, can also use this combination. This is the combo that will help you play on the defence side, and you can also switch to being on the attack tactic soon enough too. The AUG is one of the best rifles in the AR (Assault Rifle) category and does quite a huge amount of damage. As a result, if you are moving strategically and are suddenly attacked by enemies, you can easily defend yourself.

Credits to PlayerZon. The is the best AR that you can pair with the AWM.

Additionally, if you are getting the AWM, then it will not be much more difficult for you to take cover in a higher position and then use the sniper. Also, this will help you to get information and you can even kill off some enemies on your own while still in hiding. Therefore, this is the best combination for a shot caller or even a teammate who wants to keep defending the team.

M249 and Vector

This is a combination that you can ask the new member of your team to carry. If they are willing to learn or to practice, then you can recommend this to them. The Vector is an SMG (Sub automatic Machine Gun), and the M249 is an LMG (Light Machine Gun). If you can carry and learn to use these guns without making any mistakes, you will get some good kills in the game. Vector has a good firing speed and movement speed. Therefore, if you can control the gun, then you can easily get good kills in the middle ranges.

Credits to FirstSportz. Vector is an SMG.

The M429 is quite a heavy gun, so you need to adjust to the weight of the gun and the recoil. Hence, we would recommend you go and do some practise with the gun. As a result, if you initially believe you cannot use it, you can, but only with some practice.

Ending Thoughts

This was some of the best equipment for a shot caller in Free Fire Max, and you can even recommend it to your other teammates. Hence, to become a better shot caller, all you have to do is to get one of these combinations and sharpen your gaming sense.

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