Credits to MySmartPrice. The 7Sea BGMI Invitational is one of the biggest tournaments in India.

The 7Sea BGMI Invitational Winner Has Been Announced!

Newsroom Apr 6, 2022
7Sea Invitational has ended and OR Esports has been declared the winner.
However, TSM Aquanox has managed to steal the spotlight.
This time 7Sea has some has lucrative prizes.

So finally, the 7SEA BGMI Invitational has ended, and it was a blast! Fans thoroughly enjoyed the whole match and were quite shocked by all the comebacks that the various teams had pulled off. It was quite an equal match, and people were quite confused as to who could be the winner of the tournament. Additionally, the whole five days of the Grand Final were truly a success, and now everyone is very interested in knowing all about the details of the game. With the tournament coming to an end, the face of BGMI has definitely changed, with new players emerging as the pros in India.

Who won the 7Sea BGMI Invitational?

Well, to begin with, the tournament was won by Orange Rock Esports. When the tournament had just begun, people had little expectation of them. But gradually, they started to climb up the ranks, and finally, in the finale, they stood tall and undefeated. It was a marvellous change, and indeed, they had managed to pull up in the middle and come off victoriously on the other side. This change was much needed, and it could be safe to say that now the BGMI scene will be ruled by OR until the next tournament.

Credits to Sportskeeda. Winner and Runner ups of the event.

They had won a cash pool prize of $8000, or 6.08 lakh INR. This was quite a massive amount and will be distributed among the team equally. Currently, there are six players in the team, namely anto26, AdityA, Vexe, Destro, Gill, and Light Uzumaki. All these six players are still considered to be some of the finest BGMI players from India, and fans expect some more victories from them.

Who is the MVP of the 7Sea BGMI Invitational?

Well, even though the winner of the tournament was OR Esports, the MVP was from TSM. This was quite well deserved. TSM Aquanox had managed to secure some 55 kills in a single match, and fans were more than shocked at the beast that was BGMI. He has also won a cash prize of $1000. Overall, the fans were quite satisfied with the performance of TSM. In fact, in the most kills list, we have another TSM member right after Aquanox. With 50 kills, TSM NinjaJod has managed to show everyone how capable he is. There is no doubt that TSM gave the best performance in this tournament, and we have quite high expectations of them for other tournaments as well.

Credits to EvilDaxter’s Youtube. TSM AquaNox was the MVP.

The Indian roaster for BGMI in TSM are AquaNox, NinjaJOD, Blaze, and SHADOW. All of them are quite quality players, and TSM is an international Esports organisation, that makes sure that they get the best training possible for all the Esports they are involved in. In fact, in the 7Sea tournament, they bagged the second prize with a cash prize of $4000, or 3.04 lakh INR. They have also won an additional $500 (38 thousand INR) for being the team with the highest kills.

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