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Ten Reasons why Gaming is Good for You!

Community Apr 16, 2022

If you keep on hearing that playing video games is bad for your health and that you are just wasting your time playing games, well then we have a list for you to contradict your parents. Though we are not going to take responsibility for what happens next, we have come up with some scientific studies indicating that video games are good for you. We feel that this is one of the most important blogs that you will bookmark for future reference. You will be quite surprised at what the studies have come up with.

10 Reasons Why Gaming Is Beneficial

Without wasting further time, let us get into the top 10 reasons why gaming is good for you.


The first and foremost benefit one develops from gaming is that your memory will grow stronger. Do parents feel otherwise? Well, in 2015, there was a study conducted by the University of California where two groups of people were given a task based on the strong use of their hippocampus, or in simpler terms, tasks related to the use of memory. It was found that people who used to play 3D games where they had to keep track of things could retain things faster and could solve tasks 25% faster than non-gamers. This was quite a revelation.

Credits to Rec, Play, Live. Playing video games can make your memory strong.

This could be understood in real life better with an example. Now imagine you are playing Minecraft, and you are going mining, or even building something. You have to keep the whole map in your mind. You must remember where you keep your belongings and where you are going in order to successfully emerge into the open. All of this requires a lot of memory use. While playing Fortnite, you will have to keep track of where your base is so that you can conveniently collect items and get back to your base.

Decision Making Process

This is another fact that you can just flex in front of your non-gamer friends. When you are playing fast-paced games, especially first-person shooter games, this is where you have to make quick decisions in highly tense situations. For example, you are in a 1v5 situation in Valorant, and you have to quickly decide how you are going to proceed. Sometimes the whole game can be changed based on your game sense and how you decide to take things from there. Another type of game that would help you with your decision-making power is strategy games like Civilization or SimCity. You have to evaluate all the possible outcomes of your decision and then go ahead with it.

Credits to VantageCircle Blog. Decision making skills increases when you are a gamer.

A study at the University of Rochester back in 2010 managed to prove that those who played action games were quite quick to make a decision and were accurate in making it in comparison to non-gamers, or those who played slow-paced games.


Now, this is something that you must have kept on getting from your parents whenever you play a bit too many video games. You must be concerned that playing video games will impair your vision. However, there has been a recent study in 2014 that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America that proved that if you play video games, it would help you create perceptual templates faster than those who do not. This means that you have a stronger stimulus, and can easily perceive things during tasks. This helps with your visualization.

Credits to GEICO. You develop better vision and perception.

Also in 2009, a study found that those who played first-person shooter games had better vision than those who played other sorts of games. This is because, in FPS games, one needs to be quite careful to find out where the enemy could be hiding and always be alert. In real life, this benefitted them as they could easily find things that would take some time to find. For example, a nail in the grass and such things. They would also have a stronger contrast-sensitive function.

Problem Solving

Now you might feel problem-solving and decision-making are the same thing. Though both of them are interrelated, they are quite different. You might come up with a decision, but that does not mean that you have solved the problem successfully. Problem-solving requires memorization and the tactical use of your information and resources. This is exactly what strategy and role-playing games make you do. It has been found in a study that gamers who spend a significant amount of time on strategic games manage to come up with quick solutions more often than those who do not. You can perceive and understand problems quite faster than those who were non-gamers or have not played those games.

Credits to Learn Worthy. You become more analytical when you play games.

Social Skills

Now let us talk about the most typical stereotype to exist in pop culture in connection to gamers: They are antisocial beings. Playing too many games will make you antisocial and you will forget how to interact with people in real life. Gamers usually turn antisocial toward those who hold such opinions. If you go ahead and talk to a gamer, you will find that they are one of the most pure-hearted souls, and they are extremely friendly and nice. It is just society that makes them like that.

Credits to Digital Games Hub. You form connections all over the world.

They could be a bit introverted, but that is completely the personality of the person. The gaming community is one of the strongest communities in the world, and they love to socialize with people who they are comfortable with. Anyway, gaming would help you to enhance your social skills, as whenever you are playing a game, you are playing it with other people who could be from other countries and places. Once you establish a good friendship with them, you come to terms with their culture and history, which in turn makes you more knowledgeable about the outside world and also helps you speak to more people.

Mood Enhancer

This is something that gamers will feel connected to. Imagine you had a difficult day at school or work, and you came back home. You freshen up and sit at your PC, and find all your friends ready for the game. You start it and have some good wins in the game. There is no doubt that you immediately feel better and more confident. Well, it is true that if you lose the game, you will feel quite bad about it. Yet, that's when you can resort to simple games where there is not much impact to losing. Like Angry Birds, Farmville, or even Animal Crossing. According to a 2013 study by the American Psychological Association, all of these games are known to be popular mood busters.

Credits to WIRED. Playing retro games can also make you feel happier.

Ability to Learn

It is a common misconception that gamers cannot understand what is going on or cannot learn fast enough as they are engrossed in their world of gaming. Gamers are quick to take hold of a concept if they feel interested in it. While playing a game, one has to learn all about the controls and then how to play the whole game. They even have to figure out ways to do something and can come up with strategies. All of this requires brainpower, so a gamer is always using their brain. Hence, when they come across a real-life concept, they can grasp it immediately and learn all about it with ease.

Credits to Innova Design Group. You can learn a lot while playing video games.

Hand-Eye Coordination

This is something that gamers are quite pros at. There are a lot of misconceptions in pop culture showing that a gamer is someone who cannot walk properly and keeps falling. Well, that is extremely judgemental. They have better hand-eye coordination than the average non-gamer, as they are used to understanding how movements work while playing a game. A study by scientists from the University of Texas (Medical Branch) asked some high school students, college students, and medical residents to perform virtual surgeries, and some of the high school students managed to handle the virtual surgeries better than the medical residents who were required to do them every week for practice. The reason was simple, they had a better perception of how they moved than the others when playing video games.

Credits to Looper. Playing games increases your hand-eye coordination


This might seem to be a bit of a stretch, but it is quite true. For some reason, video games are something that we can relate to our childhood, and whenever we play them, it somehow manages to take us into their virtual world, and for a few moments, we can forget who we are. We need not think about our office pressure, we can just relax and have a good time.

Credits to Your Teen Magazine. Video games keep your mind alive and fresh.

However, the benefit does not end there. In a study done by the University of California, it was found that when older people were introduced to a simple driving game, they could not perform well at all. However, once, when they got to practice the game regularly, they even managed to perform better than the teenagers. If you keep playing video games, it would help you keep your senses alive and make you use your brain. This, in turn, would help you keep your mind young.

Physical Activity

This will be the ultimate counteraction to all the opposition you face. Video games have replaced physical games or activities. Well, technically speaking, it was the lack of space and parks that had caused the downfall of going out and playing sports. If you play games like WiiFit or Dance Dance Revolution with yourself or even your friends, everyone knows that you are going to lose a lot of calories. They are made for your physical fitness.

Credits to WIRED. There are plenty of fitness games.

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