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Tekken- The Game that Inspired Movies?

Case Study May 4, 2022

If you are a connoisseur of video games and are a 2000s kid, you will most definitely know about Tekken. This is one of those games that was adapted into a film series. Mostly, it is the other way around. There are movies or books, the developers draw inspiration from them and then make a game. However, it seems that things are changing. These days, movies are being made based on video games, owing to the popularity of the games. The characters in the video games are portrayed in such a manner that makes people want to get into them more. The developers and the creators work behind the characters, and then comes a movie. This makes it all the more interesting. In today’s blog, we will be getting into Tekken, the game that was released back in 1994, has been adapted into multiple movies, and will soon come out in an anime series.

How was Tekken made?

You might be surprised to know that Tekken was actually not supposed to be a game at first! The game, created by Bandai Namco Studios, was released back in 1994. When they started the game, it was not at all something that looked like today. To begin with, nobody expected that they would turn this into a fighting game. They were just testing out the 3D models and characters in a test case. Then, when they used the same test case for checking out their texture mapping, they thought of turning it into a racing game, just like Ridge Racer, which was also made by Namco. However, the creator of the game, Seiichi Ishii, also wanted to add extremely rich textures and more frame rates. However, soon enough, they directed it towards a fighting game, as that seemed to be more appropriate for the design and everything.

Credits to MP1st. The first look of the game.

The game was first made as an arcade game. However, in 1995, it was released for the Playstation. Until Tekken 3, it was mostly an arcade game. However, after that, the game was revamped a lot, and it gradually became more tag team-oriented. Tekken 4 was one of the most infamous, so they had to almost completely redesign the game for Tekken 5. Other than the main game series, which is till Tekken 7, there are tons of other spin-off games. Some of them are Tekken Revolution, Tekken Card Challenge, etc. There are also crossovers. For example, there is a crossover between Tekken and Street Fighter. A lot of the original versions were renewed with new features, like Tekken 5, which was released again as Tekken 5 Resurrection.

Tekken Adaptations

Now we will be getting into the anime and movie adaptations of the game.

  • The first adaptation was a two-part anime OVA series that was developed by Studio Deen. The series was named Tekken: The Motion Picture. It basically went through the original storyline of the game, where Kazuya faces her father Heihachi in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. This became quite popular immediately, as during that time, Tekken was an extremely popular arcade game.
Credits to IMDB. Tekken: The Motion Pictures.
  • Next came the live action of the movie. The movie stars Jon Foo, Kelly Overtone, and Ian Anthony Dale and is directed by Dwight H. Little. The live-action film premiered at the AFI Film Festival in 2009 and was well received by audiences. Soon enough, it was released in Japan too. The film was inspired by the game, and they had, of course, modernised the entire story. It was more fun to watch and more intriguing. The game’s director, Katsuhiro Harada, had panned the whole film. In fact, the prequel to the movie was released later, named Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge, in 2014, but only as a DVD series.
Credits to IMDB. Tekken the Live Action movie.
  • A CGI-animated movie was released in 2011 named Tekken: Blood Vengeance. The movie was directed by Youichi Mouri and deals with the events that took place between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. They had gone for a completely alternate storyline, one that deals much more with the other characters of the game. Hence, if you want something more than just the original story, you should definitely watch this movie.
Credits to Wallpaper Abyss. Tekken: Blood Vengeance.
  • There is also another live-action short movie loosely based on the game, named Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In fact, the movie was released on Namco’s European Youtube channel. This was quite liked by the fans of the game, even.
  • Finally, we have some good news for anime fans and those who love this game. In 2022, Netflix announced that they were working on Tekken: Bloodline. At the very least, the anime will be released this year. This is amazing news, and we can hardly keep our cool. As Tekken 6 was later released as Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, we can guess that the series will be based on that. Let us wait and see what they do with this anime series.

Why is there another Anime Series coming up for the Game?

You could be wondering why is Tekken getting so many adaptations and movies. Well, one of the main reasons is of course the game’s popularity. However, another reason why there have been so many adaptations is that none of the adaptations has managed to get much popularity and was loved by the fans. In fact, the live-action movies were the most hated by the fans. The 2009 movie was disliked by the creator of the game himself. All of this has inspired the creators of Netflix to make something actually good for the game.

Tekken has always been loved by the people and has been running for decades now. As a tribute, there should be a series or a movie which could give it due appreciation. Hence, Netflix has decided to come up with a quality project for Tekken. They have already released a trailer, and it looks amazing! The fans have already approved of it. The writing looks good, and the animation is flawless. Therefore, we can expect that this anime series will finally be able to please the whole Tekken community.


Tekken has truly been one of those games that will always be one of the founding stones of so many techniques in the Video game industry. We hope that the anime series will be able to do justice to the whole story, and not ruin it like the other adaptations. Being such a popular video game, the creators are always under high pressure to do justice to the inspiration.

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