Homeplus join forces with Ubitus. Photo via Homeplus.

Homeplus join forces with Ubitus. Photo via Homeplus. 

Taiwan cable operator Homeplus partners with Ubitus to bring cloud gaming service

Newsroom Nov 23, 2022

Cable operators join forces with Ubitus to bring cloud gaming services.

Taiwan has been under a lot of pressure lately in terms of geopolitics but that did not stop their technology industry to make progress. According to reports, Homeplus, the biggest cable operator network in the country has formed an alliance with Ubitus to bring forth cloud gaming services to their consumers.

This collaboration will bring gaming service to the set-top boxes which previously were used to stream regular entertainment programs.  With the changes made across, users will now be able to play a range of video games that wasn't possible without a console before, thanks to Ubitus's cloud gaming services.

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According to the report, over 100 games will make their way to the set of boxes that users can now play on their TVs without any additional gaming hardware for example a PlayStation or Xbox. Some of the games that will make it to the TV operator's service are:

  • 3A and award-winning titles: Control Ultimate Edition, The Forgotten City, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Exclusive Taiwan indie games: Myth of Mist: Legacy, Sunny Cafe
  • Classic titles: BlazBlue, Double Dragon, Raiden
  • Games for kids: Bee Simulator, BOMBFEST, Hoa
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The idea behind the collaboration is that Ubitus will provide the cloud computing gaming platform and Homeplus will provide the strong internet connection that is needed to establish a strong link with the cloud gaming servers to bring in the gaming experience without the use of powerful hardware.

This solves the problem of having less competent hardware but their new subscription model has been made highly affordable at only $10 a month not only does it solve the hardware problem, but it also brings games worth thousands of dollars to the television of the subscribers.    

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