FromSoft is now one of the upcoming popular gaming companies.

Credits to KnowYourMeme. FromSoft is now one of the upcoming popular gaming companies. 

Sony and Tencent entered into a deal with FromSoftware; big changes coming up in the Gaming World!

Newsroom Sep 2, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into how Sony and Tencent are going to change the gaming world with FromSoftware!

Sony and Tencent own a good amount of FromSoft's share.
This will help FromSoft to come up with more better game IPs.
Sony will be able to wokr better for their PC games, and Tencent will be able to work better for their game launcher.

This seems to be quite an interesting turn of events where some of the greatest companies are coming together and are trying to uphold the upcoming more prominent companies in the gaming world. There is so much going on in the gaming industry that it has become quite difficult to keep track of it. Tencent has always been known for being a company that intends to make useful investments and tries to jump on an offer, whenever it is the right time, and then there is Sony. In this blog, we will get into what this new business deal means, and what it could mean for the gaming industry in the future.

What did Sony and Tencent do this time?

Being one of the greatest gaming companies, in the industry means that they have made amazing and profitable investments in either companies or even in certain stocks and such. Quite recently, the popular company, FromSoft, which is getting quite some good recognition for their games like Soul and Elden Ring, has already sold quite a number of their shares to Sixjoy Hong Kong and Sony. If you are wondering what Sixjoy Hong Kong is, then it is basically abranced company of Tencent. Both these companies now have some 30% of the whole company. This is quite an increase from what these two had in the past. However, this is not something to be considered essentially bad for the company.

Credits to The Verge. Sony is looking forward to develop their weak aspects and become stronger.

These two companies are just owning the shares of FromSoft, but that does not mean they own the IP rights, or could really have that great say in their creative procedure. Hence, you can be assured that FromSoft will not change their games or the way they create them. However, they are going to get some $262,268,221 from this deal, and the parent company, Kadokawa Corporation, feels like this will help with their own advancement in making more advanced games.

How are Sony and Tencent going to profit from this?

The next thing that you might be wondering is how these two companies are going to benefit from all of this? Well, they do not own a large number of shares to get some major benefits, but they do hold some profit on the whole investment. Sony hs been recently thinking about developing their PC games and trying to make them stronger and better. FromSoft has really done some amazing work in the Soul series, and even in Elden Ring. Hence, there is a high chance that they will get some help from them when required.

Credits to CoinDesk. Tencent is one of the biggest gaming companies in the market right now.

Tencent has been planning to have their very own game launcher, and FromSoft can also help them in this enterprise. Hence, overall, all parties are going to get something good off of this deal.

This video might interest you:

How is FromSoft going to profit from this?

Credits to MARCA. Elden Ring is the most recent and popular game from FromSoft.

As mentioned before, FromSoft has already got some great benefit from this deal in monetary terms. They have already declared that they are grateful for this deal, and put it to some “good use”. This good use is basically going to set up a more powerful game IP, which will be better than their previous ones. Also, they are looking forward to come up with a global release of their next game. Till now they were quite specific to certain areas, however, it seems that FromSoft now wants to take over the global market too!

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