Credits to GiveMeSport. Valorant is one of the most popular tactical shooter games right now. 

Some Useful Tips for Beginners in Valorant!

Strategy Jun 20, 2022

If you are into the viral tactical shooter game, Valorant, then you must be struggling to understand many things in the game. Each game is different, and sometimes you might feel things are vastly different, and it would take time to change and adapt to these things. Hence, to help you out, we are going to go through some of the simplest tips and tricks that you can use as a beginner in Valorant. This will help you to understand the game better, and if you keep improvising on these tips, you will find yourself getting better at the game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Valorant Properly

Without wasting much time, let us get into the tips and tricks with the help of which you will be able to understand the game better:

Stop Running While Shooting.

Credits to Mobalytics. Avoid Run and Gun during a face-off.

The first mistake that any beginner tends to make is to keep shooting and running at the same time. Valorant has a strict adherence to run and shoot, and until you get that good grip on yourself, you will not be able to successfully kill your enemy. Hence, the first piece of advice would be to stop running when you are shooting at your enemy. Make sure to get good ground, aim, and then shoot. This would give you a better aim, and you would also be able to kill your enemy easily. Running and shooting will only increase the fight time.

Practice on the Range and Deathmatch

Credits to Valorant Wiki. Make sure to go to the Range everyday.

Another important thing to remember is to get as much practise as possible. If you are just starting out in Valorant, we would recommend that you follow a practise routine. Make sure when you start the game not to go directly to Competitive. We would say start by going to the Range, then go for a Deathmatch, and then Spike Rush. If you feel confident, then you can go to the ranked matches directly. However, we recommend that you practise your aim and skills in Unrated Matches before progressing to Ranked Matches. This will help you to settle in properly, and by the time you get into the ranked matches, you will find that you are performing better!


Credits to AllGamers- HyperX. Make sure to use the Comms Wheel if you do not want to open your mic.

We know that it is quite difficult to communicate with other teammates if you are new to a game. The best way to go about it is to bring all your friends and play together. This will make you comfortable using comms and also understand the game. However, if you are playing solo, make sure that you communicate with your teammates as politely as possible. If someone is being toxic to you, just ignore them. You do need to always answer back with negativity. Another thing that you could do if you want to avoid talking to anyone is There are a lot of radio commands that you can access in the game. This will help you to deliver where the enemies could be, or help you if you are stuck in any specific area.

Use Shift when Enemies are Near

Credits to Medium. You can easily sneak behind your enemies using the Shift button.

This is something that everyone who plays Valorant does. When you feel you are getting close to the enemies, make sure to keep your shift while walking. This would cancel the noise when you are walking, and the enemies would not understand where you are coming from. This will also help you sneak around the map. However, sometimes it is useful not to use the Shift. For example, when you are right in front of your enemy, or you are fleeing from them, using a shift would only slow you down. Hence, make sure to know when you have to use the shift button.

Try to save Creds

Credits to Gamers Decide. You have to give up on certain things to save your creds for the next round.

Though you should not try to save creds all the time, there should be some specific instances when you should be trying to save your creds. One of the most important things is to look forward when you feel that you had a bad round, and make sure to save for the next round. This will help you get more armor and ammunition than your opponent. This tactic comes to your aid when you are halfway through your first round or when you feel like you are nearing the end and need to make an impact on the game. For these save rounds, you have to ensure that you are buying the minimum shield, or no shield, getting the cheapest of weapons, and things like that. You might also help others by giving them a break, and then going broke yourself. All these tactics will also help you maintain good team relationships.

Gun Recoil

Credits to PlayersAssist. The recoil pattern for every gun is different.

This is another thing that you have to master with repeated practice. Gun recoil is something when you are using a gun that tends to go upwards from the point where you are holding it. This recoil needs to be counterbalanced, otherwise, you will keep missing your shots. Every gun has a different recoil, and you will need to try them out, and get enough practice with all the guns to get better at handling the recoil. Therefore, to get more practice, make sure to play more Escalation or Spike Rush, as that would give you more experience with different types of guns than you will have while playing Unrated or Competitive.

Make Use of Your Abilities

Credits to Mandatory. Make sure to know and use your abilities properly to get better at the game.

One of the main reasons why newcomers in the game are so despised is that they are either unaware of their abilities or do not use them effectively. Hence, before you get into the game, make sure that you know all the agents and their abilities. This will help you to pick up a certain agent, and then you can go ahead and pick them up during the game. You could use all the agents in the Range, and try to perfect some of them with their abilities. This will help you a lot when you get into the games. Make sure to follow your teammates’ calls, and use them when needed. We would recommend that you start off with either an Initiator or a Sentinel, as they are the ones who back up the team. Gradually, you can go for the Controller and also Duelist.


We hope that these tricks and tips will help you to get some improvement in your gameplay and gaming sense. At the end of the day, make sure to practice as much as you can so that you will get better on your own.

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