Credits to ONE Esports. SEA events are still going on. 

Singapore Wins Bronze Medal in Mobile Legends at the 31st Southeast Asian Games in 2022!

Newsroom May 23, 2022
Mobile Legends Bang Bang was one of the most-watched Esports tournaments in the SEA Games 2022!
The gold was taken by the Philippines for the second time in a row!
Indonesia came in second, and was followed by Singapore taking a bronze medal home.

The SEA Games is one of the biggest events in South East Asia, and the whole gaming community has its eyes glued to their screens for updates. However, one of the major updates that we got recently was about the tournament on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In today’s blog, we will be getting into the details of the match, and more. The event was held back on the 19th of May, and people still could not forget about the amazing win that the Philippines had in the match. Also, it was interesting to see how Mobile Legends Bang Bang has become so popular over time.

Who was Singapore against?

Credit to Kakuchopurei. Team Singapore at the SEA.

Singapore had shown great talent in the game and had managed to reach the semi-finals against Malaysia. Everyone was quite tense about the match, as both the teams were extremely strong and anyone could easily turn around the whole game at any point in time. Fans of both the teams kept their fingers crossed and were on the edge of their seats throughout the three matches that were held. At the end of the match, the score was 3-1, with Singapore taking the Bronze medal home with them. It seems that Singapore will soon be working hard on their mistakes, and try to come back better and take home the trophy next year.

Who won the Gold Medal?

Credit to Kakuchopurei. Team Philippines won the tournament.

For those who might not have been able to update themselves. The first position was taken by the Philippines, and they had shown great promise ever since the beginning of the tournament. There was little to no doubt that the Philippines could not be defeated that easily. However, when they came face to-face across Indonesia for the second time, things did start heating up. Fans had doubts as to who was going to get the trophy home.

When it comes to mobile gaming, including Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Indonesia has always been a standout Esports team. However, the Philippines were doing way better than anyone had expected of them. With both these teams being almost perfect in their gameplay and tactics, it was a dilemma as to who was going to be the winner at the end of the night.

Credits to ONE Esports. All the three medals of the tournament. 

After three intense matches, the results came in as 3-1, and the Philippines was declared the winner. Fans were more than happy with the outcome and rejoiced immensely. Indonesia was quite exhausted after the long fight, and yet they seemed to be quite happy with taking a silver medal home from the SEA Games. However, this is not the first time that they have taken home the gold medal for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. In fact, they also won the same tournament last year, which makes them undefeatable in the SEA Games in the category of Mobile Legends Bang Bang for now.

We hope that they keep trying to keep their title as the undefeatable team. However, on the other hand, it will be interesting to find out if any team has grown strong enough to defeat them.

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