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Simple Exercises for Gamers' Good Health

Community Jul 2, 2022

We all know how hectic and unbalanced a daily schedule can be for gamers, where on one hand they’ve to indulge in late-night matches and practice heavily throughout the day. Also, the fact that gaming as a professional activity demands huge attention and mental awareness at each point in time. Just being able to devote your time to playing games is not enough, as one needs some form of exercise to keep themselves fresh and more rejoiced.

Considering this arising problem, we’ve decided to help gamers through a small guide on how simple exercises, when done on a daily basis, can hugely improve their mental strength whilst intensively playing games.

Here in this blog, we’ll not just be advising some bodyweight exercises, but also some stretches and static moments to improve your finger mobility.

So, now let’s uncover everything you need to know about some simple exercises for gamers to help improve their mental strength and beyond!

The battle royale routine

With a squad of colleagues, you can spend over 30 minutes staring at them after dying early in a battle royale round, which can run anywhere from 15 seconds to more than 30 minutes on average. With such a long window of time, this is the ideal chance to fit in a brief workout and possibly burn some major calories while your pals continue to fight.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) compresses a full-body workout into periods that last only a few minutes each. It is the pinnacle of an effective and efficient workout regimen. This routine is ideal for any battle royale and can be lengthened with repeated sets, making it a terrific choice whether you fall in the first or last circle.

Intensity is the key to HIIT exercise since each move must be performed with all of your physical might during these brief intervals. These exercises can be performed by almost anyone without special equipment or fitness knowledge. (Friendly advice: before starting the routine, you should probably silence your microphone for the benefit of your squadmates.)

Following will be the moves for this routine:

  • High Knees: Running in place, raise both of your knees as high as they will go toward your chest, alternating each leg.
  • Plank shoulder tap: Stand in a push-up position on your palms with your feet a few inches apart. Lift one hand off the floor and tap the opposite shoulder back and forth while maintaining a tight core and squeezed glutes.
  • Jumping jacks: This traditional exercise begins with your hands at your sides and your legs together. You then jump your legs apart and bring your hands together above your head.
  • Mountain climbers: While in a plank posture, alternately bring one leg to your chest while on the floor. This will simulate running.

Since now we’re all aware of how intense the routine is and what moves are necessary, let’s directly jump into the routine:

Source: Clem (Unsplash)
Source: Clem (Unsplash)

Do each of these for 20 seconds and then repeat in reverse:

  1. High knees (20 Seconds)
  2. Plank shoulder tap (20 Seconds)
  3. Jumping jacks (20 Seconds)
  4. Mountain climbers (20 Seconds)
  5. High knees (20 Seconds)
  6. Mountain climbers (20 Seconds)
  7. Jumping jacks (20 Seconds)
  8. Plank shoulder tap (20 Seconds)
  9. High knees (20 Seconds), etc

Depending on how much time you have to play, the workout just takes three minutes and can be done as many times as you like. Just remember to take a break for a few minutes between each round and give the exercises you're all.

Static stretches for gamers

Any physical activity needs to be followed by a cooldown, and gaming is no exception. Your mood will improve after a successful cooldown. An effective cooldown will start your body's healing process and help you avoid further injuries.

For PC, console, and mobile gamers alike, the Esports Healthcare: Gamer Stretches are a thorough, static stretch regimen that targets the muscles and joints involved in gaming. It will aid in recovery and lower your chance of injury.

There are four primary body parts that one shouldn't target for stretching exercises:

  • Thumb and finger stretches
  • Hand and wrist stretches
  • Forearm stretches
  • Joint distraction

Following are some wrist and finger joint-based movements that one should incorporate into their daily routine:

Wrist exercises

Put the entire length of both hands' fingertips together to stretch the wrist. Slowly bring your palms together as though in a pose of prayer. Keep your elbows still while lowering your palms in a prayer position until you feel a good stretch in your wrists and anterior forearm.

After 15 seconds, hold this position and then release it gradually. By putting your arm out in front of you and pointing your palm downward, you can perform the opposite stretch. Gently extend your wrist and back of your forearm with your opposing hand.

Finger exercises

You already know how crucial the fingers are to gaming. The thumb mostly regulates the pressure of the entire hand for mobile games.

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Hold each position for 20 seconds while touching the tips of your thumb with the index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers. To maintain the stretch, try to keep the other fingers that aren't touching your thumb as straight as you can. You might be wrong about how difficult this is!

Stretches that target all hand muscles

There are three movements in these hand stretches for gamers.

  1. Close your fingers together and keep them as straight as possible.
  2. Your fingers should be as wide apart as possible.
  3. Make a fist using your fingers.

Ten times in each position, hold it for 20 seconds. Your hands' interstitial muscles will benefit from this stretching.

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