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Should CSPs Focus More on 5G Monetization and How is It Going to Affect the Gaming Market?

Newsroom Jul 2, 2022

Should the CSPs put more focus on the upcoming 5G network, and is it going to be worth it in the end? Will this 5G change the gaming market?

5G is soon going to be launched in India, and one of the main questions is how much should the CSPs monetize on the network?
Another main thing to be affected is the mobile gaming industry, and how the masses will react to the 5G network.
5G has the capacity to change the mobile gaming industry for worse or better.

With the advent of the 5G network, a lot of people are thinking about what it means for gaming companies and the gaming market. Of course, It is going to be quite an important decision, as the faster and better the network, the better it will be for the whole gaming process. Hence, one of the most important questions that stand right in front of us is whether CSPs should focus more on 5G monetization and if it is going to help the gaming market, or is it going to deplete the market further.

What is CSP?

CSPs, also known as Content Service Providers, are those who offer us telecommunication services. Going by the layman’s language, these are the companies that offer you the internet connection, and your mobile network service to your home and also to your phone. These companies usually ask for money in return for the quality of their services. You might be familiar with companies like Airtel, Reliance Jio, etc. as your common service providers.

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In India, it was not quite long ago, that the companies were talking about launching the 5G network, and how it was soon going to be one of the fastest networks in the world. However, there is something more important than getting the fastest network, and connecting with the world quickly. It is about the monetization of the network. Every network has to be monetized accordingly. However, if the prices are set to be too high, then people might not opt for the higher networks. Hence, one has to be quite careful when they are going to monetize a particular network.

What are the advantages of the 5G network?

Let us get into some of the advantages that a user will be getting with a 5G network:

High Speed

Of course, one of the major reasons why anyone would want to upgrade to 5G is that they could have a faster network and a higher speed. At the present moment, the most common network used in India is the 4G LTE network, and the excerpts have claimed that 5G can go quite a lot faster than the speed we are getting now.

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Low Latency

This is another one of the massive advantages of the 5G network. There is extremely low latency on the 5G network in comparison to the 4G network, which in turn will open the world of virtual reality to the masses. Hence, now you will get into VR way more easily than ever before. This means there will be quite a low lag when you are gaming too.

More Bandwith

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The last advantage that we are going to talk about is how much more bandwidth one would get with a 5G network. It will have 10 times more bandwidth than the previous 4G network! This would mean that you would get an extremely fast network on your games, and it would be as smooth as butter to continue playing your FPS games.

How is the Monetization of the 5G Network going to affect the Gaming Market?

If the CSPs decide that they are going to set the prices extremely high for distributing the 5G network services, then it will take quite some time for the common people to actually work with the network. They would prefer to go for a 4G LTE network, which is much more affordable. However, if they come up with a good plan, which is affordable for the public, there is a high chance that India will see a bigger boom in the gaming market, than what is already predicted.

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