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Rising Athletes of the Future

Community Jul 28, 2021

Electronic sports, or as everyone calls it, ‘E-sports’! Just this simple word brings excitement and joy to all the gamers out there. What is E-sports? Why is it this popular? And, why does our generation wants to be a part of it, fight for it, make careers out of it? Let us all come to this basic conclusion: E-sports are not just some games which pass our time when we are bored of other things. For us gamers, E-sports is: A whole new world, a world that accepts us, improves us and gives us our virtual strengths. I know we all agree to this! These are gamers I am talking about, gamers with sharper minds than most of us.

Gamers love rivalry.
They are enrolling for tournaments, practising in scrims, trying hard to beat everyone they face. It’s fun! Isn’t it?

E-sports has grown way more popular than expected. In fact, it is going to make its way to the Olympics soon enough! Initially, E-sports was just some teams facing each other in online competitions. But now, it is a lot more than that. It carries the feelings of many players. They work hard to win it. Most of the time, even being a mere part of it is a big deal. Starting during the 1990s, gaming went from a relaxing platform to a coordinated pro gaming field. In India, E-sports has grown five times since the year 2015. As of now, we have more than 14 E-sports broadcast platforms. In 2021, the viewership of it is 17 million, which is expected to increase in the upcoming years, for sure. We belong to this community, and we are proud of our gaming! Aren’t we? India’s rank was 16 on the Forbes list; come, let us make it 1st!

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Gamers love rivalry. They need to be the best ones out there, compete with each other, and eventually win. Gamers willingly invest their time in it, working on their skills, trying to improve each day. They are enrolling for tournaments, practising in scrims, trying hard to beat everyone they face. It’s fun! Isn’t it? Being a part of a community is this cool! E-sports is now nothing less than a traditional sports game.

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We respect you, all the gamers out there! We acknowledge your efforts, and we relate. The way you manage all of it, the way you play your favourite E-sport with all your heart, investing all your energy into it. We are here to make it worth it, to let you know that we appreciate all your endeavours. This community is built by the gamers, for the gamers. Tournafest has a lot planned for you, stay tuned for more!

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