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Riot sues a company once again for "copying" League of Legends.

Newsroom May 11, 2022
Riot Games is suing another company for the second time for copying their popular game League of Legends Wildrift.
Moonton is getting a lawsuit for the second time, as they have again come up with a very similar game. Previously, they had done the same thing with two more games.
Riot Games had also sued another company, Iamba earlier this year on copyright claims.

It seems that Riot Games has to deal with lawsuits and get rid of yet another rip off of the popular League of Legends games. Copyright issues and infringement lawsuits have been quite dominant in the gaming industry for a long time. In today’s blog, we will be getting into the lawsuit filed by Riot Games against Moonton for making a game that is copying their League of Legends. This is not the first time that Riot has decided to g against Moonton.

What is the lawsuit about?

As mentioned before, this is not the first time that Riot has filed a lawsuit against the Shanghai-based gaming company, Moonton. The first lawsuit was filed back in 2017 when Moonton released two games which were almost identical to the League of Legends mobile version. The games were Magic Rush: Heroes and Mobile Legends: 5v5 MOBA. However, when they went to the court in California, they were asked to take it up in China instead, as that would help them better in the case. This is where Tencent came in, took up the case against Moonton, and finally won the lawsuit.

Credits to League of Legends. The latest update of the League of Legends mobile version.

This year, Riot was infuriated when they came across that Moonton had again made another game which is extremely similar to their new version of the League of Legends mobile (Wild Rift). In fact, Moonton is being sued for their new game, Mobile Legends Bang Bang. They have proof that Moonton has copied each and every update that their game has, and has almost ripped it off. It seems that Moonton has not learnt their lesson from last time. This time, Riot seems extremely adamant about teaching them the right lesson and taking a proper stand against this continuous infringement on their League of Legends IP.

Credits to Dot Esports. Moonton's recent mobile game.

We are not sure when the case will be taken to court, but we hope that justice is soon delivered. If Moonton is doing this deliberately, then they are in deep trouble, and Riot, being such a huge company, will not let them go that easily. They take their copyright claims very seriously and might even go as far as shutting down Moonton. However, they are justified from their side too, as Moonton has done this for the second time, with their third game.

Other Lawsuits

Another lawsuit that Riot claimed a while ago was against the Vietnamese company, Imba Technology. Their game, I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight, was a complete copy of the League of Legends mobile, and Riot had fined them very heavily. This goes without saying that, with the mobile gaming community growing so large, companies need to be extremely careful about the type of games they are putting out there. The developers should have a thorough knowledge of the copyright claims of other gaming companies and try to come up with original concepts. Otherwise, any big company might come across and rip the whole company apart.

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