Riot makes changes to VCT post appeal from fans. Photo via Riot.

Riot makes changes to VCT post appeal from fans. Photo via Riot.

Riot makes changes to VCT post appeal from fans

Newsroom Feb 20, 2023

Riot makes changes to VCT post appeal from fans.

Following criticism from fans during the ongoing VCT LOCK//IN event, Riot Games has made changes in multiple areas of the tournament to further develop the fan insight at the first large VALORANT esports event of the 2023 season and the organization period.

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Following a solicitation for criticism made by the head of VALORANT esports Leo Faria, few small changes were reported as of late. This incorporated the arrival of comp tickets that are currently at a bargain, the evacuation of an occasion card to buy concessions, the reduction of the half-time breaks, and a new audio mix.

In particular, fans had noticed that the music was excessively loud during tech stops and meetings. Faria likewise noticed that while the extended half-time portions were planned as noted that while the lengthy half-time segments were designed as “an opportunity for storytelling and engagement,” they were “not making good use of it at the moment.”.

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However, not all fan grievances had the option to be cured. A few fans offered remarks about the absence of cooling, intensified by the high mugginess in São Paulo, Brazil. Nonetheless, Faria remarked that there was no A/C answer for a field of that size, however, he has endeavoured to cure what is going on with a dramatic ventilation framework and A/C in the behind-the-stage regions and practice rooms.

While only one out of every odd choice made by Mob with respect to serious VALORANT has been awesome, the organization and Faria explicitly have been eager to freely answer criticism, most quite in regards to the underlying declaration of the LOCK//IN design. Simply taking a gander at a small bunch of the answers to Faria's tweet today, apparently, a few fans are content with and value the speedy reaction.

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