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Riot has Announced Partnership System for Valorant!

Newsroom Apr 30, 2022

Riot Games has recently come up with a dozen plans for the future this time. They have lined up some of the best features, and what is more exciting is that they are now focusing more on their Esports community than the game. This is a good decision as they have come a long way when it comes to developing their game and the backstory of the whole game. Helping out the Esports community would make them grow faster, and they do need to work on their Esports events and leagues more to help out their community play better in the leagues and tournaments.

What are the new changes that Riot is bringing?

Riot is bringing a lot of changes to their tournaments and even to their collaborations. This would be quite a major change for Valorant and even for Riot. They are going to make the community more close-knitted and cohesive. Here are the following changes that are being introduced:

A new partnership system is being introduced

Riot has announced that they will be allowing the Esports team to collaborate with the gaming company. Those teams who want to get in on the collaboration have to fill up an application form that will be released this year itself. Riot will be allowing teams who can help the growth of the Valorant community, have good Esports building experience, and lastly, have developing players. This is quite an interesting criteria, and we are excited to know which teams will be selected to collaborate with Riot.

International Leagues

Riot has decided to sponsor the International leagues all across the world. They have divided the regions into three. The three regions will be competing to go for the Masters and the Championships. The regions are divided into America, Asia, and Europe. If the pandemic does not reoccur, the tournaments may also take place over LAN.

Credit to Reddit. the VCT LAN is always a huge event. 

The first league will be played in North America, Latin America, and Brazil. The second league will have Europe, Russia, Turkey, and MENA. Finally, the third league will have Southeast Asia, Korea, and Oceania. Hence, this would give an equal opportunity to all the teams in a region to come up to the Masters and Championships. Now, those teams who will be partnering with Riot in the Internation business can also get into the partnership system for Valorant.

Another interesting change that they decided on is to change the payment system from the typical buy-in to a stipend system. This will bring a lot of changes in the structure of how the players and teams participate in the tournaments and leagues. Also, those teams who will be partnering up with Riot will be getting extra financial support too!

Domestic Leagues

Riot will also keep on hosting the domestic leagues as they have started in the European region. This will not only help to get better and new teams every year, but will also give adequate representation to everyone in the gaming community.

Tournament Mode

There will be a new Tournament Mode in the game, where players can form teams and play in tournaments. They will have to get access from a client, and then they can go ahead and host their tournaments. This will help a lot of small players to start practising the tournaments at quite an early stage.

Credits to ONE Esports. TenZ from Sentinels, one of the popular Esports team in Valorant.

Third-Party Tournaments and Game Changers

After the end of the Championships, there will be a lot of time for the teams to reorganise their roasters, hence there will be multiple third-party tournaments.

There will also be a female Valorant league, Game Changers, as an event in 2023.

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