Riot Games to introduce a new tournament in 2023!

Credits to Riot Games. Riot Games to introduce a new tournament in 2023!

Riot Games has come up with a new Tournament for 2023!

Newsroom Aug 18, 2022

In this blog, we will be trying to explain how Riot Games is being more inclusive through their Challengers' Ascension.

Valorant Challengers have been quite in controversy for quite some time, and many Esports organisations have been talking about how Riot has been unfair to those teams who were not a part of the partnership project. They decided that, after so much dissatisfaction, it was time to make things better for themselves, and hence they came up with a brand new idea. Recently, they have published a blog from their own side, and if you were utterly confused as to what is exactly happening, well, we are here to help you. We will get into how Riot Games will be trying to revamp the whole way the Valorant Challengers take place.

What Will Riot Do Now?

Credits to Riot Games. What they mean to start with the new tournament system.

Riot has come up with the idea that they will try to incorporate more new teams from different regions. However, to come up with this inclusion, they had to plan more things out and come up with a new competition known as Challengers Ascension. Fans were quite confused as to what they were going to come up with. People had difficulty understanding exactly what Riot was coming up with, and we are here to explain it all to you.

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What is the Challengers' Ascension?

Credits to Riot Games. How the teams will be promoting to the Challengers.

For those who are confused as to what exactly is happening, basically, the VCT Challengers is that they will start the Regionals quite soon, and they have decided to go for three regions: America, Pacific, and Asia. There will be a certain number of teams that will be taken from each of these regions, and then they will be off to the Challengers’ Ascension. What makes this stage so good is that those who have performed well in the Challengers’ Region will be going to the Challengers' Ascension, and those who have won the Regionals will be going directly to the Challengers. This will be helpful as the winner of the Ascension will be able to compete in next year's Challengers. However, they will be adding more teams for the next Challengers through the Ascension. This will go on till the teams are filled up, which will be 42 in total. According to that calculation, Riot has come up with this programme that will go on till 2028. Many of the fans are quite sceptical if Riot Games are going to be able to carry out the whole procedure for so many years.

Credits to Riot Games. Riot Games' planning.

Many of the fans are also quite excited about this, as Riot is trying to incorporate more regional teams into the global tournaments and matches more often than those Esports teams or organisations that are partnering with Riot and making the whole Esports scenario much more incorporative.

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