A Valorant hoarding has gone up in Bangalore. Photo via Riot Games.

A Valorant hoarding has gone up in Bangalore. Photo via Riot Games.

Riot Games Features Gods Reign on Huge Valorant Hoarding in Bangalore

Newsroom Dec 20, 2022

A Valorant hoarding has gone up in Bangalore.

Riot Games have acknowledged one of India's growing esports organization in Gods Reign which has made some serious moves that suggest the Indian scene is growing and putting a mark on the Global esports scene. The American game developers have placed a Valorant hoarding exhibiting the most recent agent who is from India. It is safe to assume that the agent will make it out.

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One such front that puts Madiwala Street, close to Market Square Value Mall centre in Bangalore, includes the association with Gods Reign with an assertion on the advert perusing "Where Gods Reign Arrives A Hero".

The developers of Valorant have promoted Riot Games alongside Harbor on a billboard at Madiwala Street, close to Market Square Value Mall centre in Bangalore. By and large, the collaboration looks very tasteful and follows the blue and gold-hued subject that has been attached to the most recent Valorant specialist, Harbor, who has been roused by Indian mythic legends and hails from the same country. Alongside this, the composed message on the advert peruses  "Where Gods Reign Arrives A Hero" which is ideal for a group that has contended energetically to become one of the top teams in the country.

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The association has garnered the attention of everybody passing by the board to click an image with it and basically, the label simply puts together Gods Reign and Riot Game in an association across significant Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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