Credits to VentureBeat. Riot Games and AWS is teaming up for something new. 

Riot Games and AWS are coming up with new surprises for fans!

Newsroom Jul 20, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into what new projects Riot Games and AWS are coming up with together.

Riot and AWS are coming together for a new project for the fans.
Now fans can use statistics and data for every match.
They can use these data for making their own team and participating in tournaments.

Riot Games has always made sure that they give the best experience to the community and deliver top-notch content. In fact, their last web series, Arcane, which was based on their most popular game, League of Legends, was appreciated all across the world and was an immense success! Hence, they are going to think of coming up with something that would make the fans equally excited about it. In this news blog, we will be talking about what are the future projects that Riot Games is thinking about, and all about the collaborating AWS!

All about the collaboration between Riot Games and AWS

Now this collaboration might not that be surprising as Riot usually works with AWS and uses their database for their own use. However, what they are planning to do is truly going to be quite extraordinary. They are going to even join in with their fans on this project. So basically, they are going to use AWS to get the statistics and information regarding any of the matches that the fans would want to know about. This means that you can now easily get all the data on any of the tournament matches that will be held. Not only this but there is more to it!

Bitcoin stats
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Fans can now even make their own teams using the statistics that they are gaining from these stats, and even participate in special tournaments. Not only this but the winner of the tournament can also be debuted in the next Valorant Championships Broadcast in 2022. This is going to be quite a huge moment for the fans, and also for the team that will win the tournament.

Not only this, but as practice, the fans will be able to participate in the bracket challenges too. This is going to give them better insight as to how teams are formed, and they can also evaluate the strategies and stats by themselves. Additionally, they will also understand how teams are formed, and how one has to curate the team. All of these together will make sure that the fans get the overall experience of the Esports community.

What is Project Stryker?

This is another project that Riot Games is coming up with. This could be considered one of the most ambitious projects that Riot has come up with to date. They have decided to build cloud-first remote broadcast centres. These centres will also have AWS technologies instilled in them. These centres are going to make sure that all the broadcasting from Riot runs extremely smoothly everywhere around the world.

Their largest facility has to be the one in Dublin, where the facility measures around 50,000 square-foot. And another facility will be set up in Seattle.

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