Riot Games and Ubisoft join forces. Photo via Riot.

Riot Games and Ubisoft join forces. Photo via Riot.

Riot and Ubisoft are building an AI to deal with ingame toxicity

Newsroom Nov 22, 2022

Riot Games and Ubisoft have started a new project to deal with the alarming rise of in-game toxicity.

Two of the top gaming companies will join forces that will develop a new in-game Artificial intelligence that will be capable of detecting, analyzing and taking the necessary action to impend toxicity without involving any human moderation. Their official statement further attested that both parties will equally provide the data and efforts to bring this AI to life.

This AI is presumed to reduce in-game abusive behaviour and toxicity by a significant amount that will make such players more cautious in what they say moving forward in the several games these companies offer and beyond.

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"That’s why Riot and Ubisoft are teaming up on a tech partnership to develop a database gathering in-game data to better train AI-based preemptive moderation tools that detect and mitigate disruptive behaviour in-game. Any data gathered that will be able to identify a person will be removed before sharing." read Riot's official statement.

Two companies combined have a big database that will provide the AI with an ample amount of test cases to get trained before the developers integrate it into some of their main video games.

The AI will replace the manual moderation system and replace humans to streamline the entire process and make the experience better for the gamers who as of now are facing abusive behaviour and toxicity on a regular basis.

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"The “Zero Harm in Comms” research project is the first step in a cross-industry project that aims to benefit all people who play video games. Riot and Ubisoft are aligned in their mission to create gaming structures that foster more rewarding social experiences and avoid harmful interactions." they said.

There is no timeline for when this feature makes it to the game but when it successfully does, we will definitely come across a more healthy and toxicity-free game environment for everyone to enjoy.

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