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Researchers use Overcooked to train AI to be a better gaming buddy!

Newsroom Jun 9, 2022

It seems that now we are going to go through another massive innovation in the gaming world. We might soon be teaming up with AI to play games. Now you might wonder why it is not a new concept. There had always been bots in games, and we had to go against them. However, this time it is different. In today’s blog, we will be getting into how researchers from DeepMind and MIT have managed to use Overcooked to train Ai not to be a better enemy, but to be a better teammate!

What are the researchers trying to do with AI?

The first thing you might be trying to understand is what exactly the researchers are trying to do. At first, DeepMind researchers used overcooking and tried to make the AI play the game. Of course, at first, the AI would be focused on getting the maximum score possible on the charts. That is what usually happens when a bot is introduced into the game. They cannot understand that they need to help their teammates or other players. There is hardly any way through which you can make your AI coordinate with you. It is easier to play with random teammates rather than an AI on your team.

Credits to VentureBeat. DeepMind.

However, the researchers from MIT thought about the fact that people prefer to play with their friends in a game as a team, as there is communication and friends usually know your game style and also how you would like to play. All of these factors make you feel very comfortable with your friends in a game. Hence, the researchers had decided that they would teach the AI a certain game style, or at least make them study the patterns of the other teammates, rather than just try to get the maximum score in the game, irrespective of what happens.

This will ensure that people who want to play alone or have to play alone now do not have to dread the fact that they have to play with a bot. They can also avoid playing strangers online. This is going to bring a completely different set of innovations to the gaming world. The researchers had managed to teach the AI to follow the game styles of actual human players and play the game with them. The result is that human players loved playing the game with them! This was quite unexpected, and yet extremely fun. Many of the players who had gone for the testing felt that there was hardly much difference between playing with the AI and playing with other people. This was great news for the researchers.

What to Expect in the Future?

Well, this is quite a long-term thing, and it might take a lot of time for the AI to be introduced in games where they can easily learn their teammates’ game styles and then adapt accordingly to play with them. All of this will take quite some time before it is introduced to mainstream games. However, we cannot wait for the time when all of this will come to be a possibility.

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