Credits to Choose your Mobile. Ooredoo Qatar is going to enter the Esports world!

Qatar finally joining the Esports world with Ooredoo!

Newsroom Jun 23, 2022

As Esports have grown in popularity, many countries around the world that were previously uninterested in gaming are becoming interested. One such country, Qatar, has finally decided to launch their Esports gaming team, and the gamers in the country are more than excited about this opportunity. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into all the details of Qatar's first Esports gaming team, Ooredoo. Though only two have signed up yet, with time, more people will be getting into the team too.

When is the first team launching?

Credits to The Peninsula Qatar. The new Esports team is already on the way to be launched.

The first thing that anyone will want to know about is when Qatar is going to launch their first Esports team. Though we haven't yet got any specific date when they are going to launch the team to the world, However, all we know is that they have already signed up two members for their team, and are going to look forward to bringing it out soon enough. The company, Ooredoo, will be an Esports gaming company. That means they will be dealing with almost all the popular games in the country. Mostly, there will be Fortnite and FIFA. There are chances that they will be going to other games like Valorant and Apex Legends. Hence, make sure to check them out and see what they are coming up with. If you are from Qatar, you should make sure to support the Esports company, as that would help the growth of a gaming community somewhere new.

Who are the new members of the Ooredoo team?

Till now, two members of the Ooredoo-Ahmed Al Meghessib and Yousef Al Defaa. Ahmed is well-known for his incredible FIFA skills and has represented Qatar in numerous Esports teams and events. He is also sponsored by Red Bull and is known as the Red Bull athlete after the EA Sports FIFA 22 Champions Cup, where he was ranked 3rd in the event. He has shown extreme promise throughout his career and has always made sure that he gives his all to the game. Qatar’s Ooredoo feels that they are quite lucky to get him into the team. They wanted someone dedicated to being in the group.

Credits to Redbull. Ahmed Al Meghessib.

Another member that was added to the team is Yousef, who is an extremely popular Fortnite player from the region. He has managed to bring in several rewards and awards for his country. Hence, it was also a good addition to the team. They are looking forward to signing more players and want them to get more players in other games as well.

Credits to The Peninsular Qatar. Both the members have already joined the team.

It is impressive that Qatar will finally join the Esports community with their first-ever Ooredoo team, which will be spread across all games. This would give them a better advantage in knowing about the market for various games and also understanding how to operate in the Esports world.

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