Pubg new state maps. Picture: New State

Pubg new state maps. Picture: New State

Maps in PUBG New State

Community Dec 22, 2022

The new map appears to be a semi-urban, semi-hill-like terrain with plains and many buildings.


  • PUBG: New State has two battle royale maps, the exclusive Troi, and an upgraded version of Erangel.
  • Two maps will also be released to PUBG Battlegrounds; these have been detailed in the PUBG New State dev update.

Since PUBG New State's worldwide release and 20 million downloads, it has been over a week. The game currently has an above-average rating and is mixed with good reviews. The year 2051 is the setting for the sci-fi follow-up to PUBG, which features a more metropolitan aesthetic.

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The game further develops this subject by including drones, trams, electric automobiles, weapon modification kits, and more. The new TDM and battle royale maps generated similar excitement levels among players. Here is a brief overview of every map in PUBG New State.


Map Troi. Picture: New State

Start with Troi, the most recent map. This new 8km by 8km map was shown to us in most of the PUBG New State promos and teasers. Troi's maps have several urban areas, like the Mall, in contrast to the PUBG Mobile maps. Tram lines circle three different areas on Troi. The Mall, the Exhibit Hall, the Factory, and the City Hall will unquestionably be some of the hottest spots.

Troi 2051 is a brand-new map created especially for PUBG: New State that is set three decades into the future. Developer Krafton used innovative graphics and lighting methods to create the map. Troi 2051 is an 8x8 map; therefore, it is quite large. The Mall, Laboratory, and Exhibition Hall have previously been viewed. It is time to identify these significant sites of interest (POI) on the Troi 2051 map. With this map, you should get an edge over players just roaming about aimlessly and turn them into your first "Chicken Dinner" in PUBG: New State.

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Remember that place names may change because PUBG: New State is still in Closed Alpha. If you haven't already, check out the gameplay video below, where the developer shows players three different areas of the Troi 2051 map from PUBG: New State. Here it is, the whole PUBG: New State map with every location. If you want an advantage when the game launches, learn this map by heart.

Erangel 2051

Map Erangel 2051. Picture: New State

The recently revamped version of the vintage map is called Erangel 2051. The original 8km x 8km map's locations are all still present. The environment has been somewhat altered to reflect the 2051 time period better. Erangel has seen significant changes since the year 2051. Erangel is ruined and worn out. The only explanation is the ongoing Battlegrounds frenzy taking place in this area. Erangel has several places that have either been entirely or partly destroyed. Erangel has seen other things than devastation, however. In addition, there have been several advancements in Erangel.

The Mylta Power has been taken over by the Tythonic Company, which also has a facility in Troi. As a result, several new locations and building sites may be seen across the Erangel. For the convenience of transportation, a new bridge linking to the military installation has also been created. In Erangel, there are already two bridges. However, this time is situated directly between these two bridges. Seeing as how we don't know much about the Tythonic, all we can do is wait and watch. We'll learn about the establishment of Tythonic Labs in Erangel as the lore develops gradually.


Map Station. Picture: New State

Before the game's worldwide release, PUBG New State teased the 4v4 TDMs while advertising the game. The all-new Station terrain is ideal for some exciting close-quarters fighting. You will undoubtedly like Station if you enjoy Call of Duty's tightly-packed multiplayer levels. The map is now in beta, and the release of the finished version is imminent.

In addition, PUBG New State will bring back its beloved Deathmatch mode. On the brand-new Station map, which will have hundreds of storage boxes and "halted train compartments," the mode will be accessible. The layout would be ideal for close-quarters warfare, according to reports. The Erangel map, which will have some cosmetic improvements, is another map that will make a comeback. Troi will arrive on a brand-new map.

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The game will also include a green flare rifle, a recruiting system, new vehicles, weapons, and customizations. Drones are a novel game feature that should provide players with a tactical edge. The physics of the weapons and vehicles will be altered from those in the original game.

Training Grounds

Map Training Grounds. Picture: New State

Most training ground maps are only there, so you may experiment with different load-outs and test your weapons. However, you may test out all the weaponry and the new vehicles in the PUBG New State training facilities. This is the ideal time to try out stylish electric vehicles and two-wheelers.

The two battle royale maps, a TDM map, and a training ground map are the four maps that PUBG New State currently possesses. New maps could eventually be added to the game.

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