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Pubg new state Game Modes

Community Dec 13, 2022

New State Mobile Recruit Mode: Krafton introduces Recruit mode, the latest Labs game mode coming to PUBG New State.


  • The popular Team Deathmatch mode will be returning in PUBG: New State.
  • Team Deathmatch will take place on the new Station map, which features several storage crates and halted train compartments.
  • PUBG: New State will bring a new gameplay feature called trunk that allows players to store weapons, armor, and consumables for themselves and their squad mates.

New information about PUBG: New State, which will launch the following week, has been revealed by Krafton. Fan favourites like Team Deathmatch, a new Station map, and a gameplay element called trunk will all be added to the game. The traditional Erangel map will receive some upgrades because PUBG: New State takes place in 2051.

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Krafton is enhancing the tried-and-true PUBG Mobile formula with some original components of the new game. While making changes that the players will like, Krafton has ensured that PUBG: New State doesn't feel too different from PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India.

New State: BR: Extreme for PUBG (64)

New State: BR: Extreme for PUBG (64). Picture: PUBG New State 

According to the information, BR: Extreme (64) is a new game mode in Troi and features 64 players competing in a fast-paced battle royale round that lasts for 20 minutes. In every game, a different playing region will be selected at random. Starting with a P1911 pistol, one smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and fully charged boost meters are all Survivors. Two Care Packages will be dropped at random places at the beginning of the battle, enabling players to stock up on better equipment sooner in the game.

Additionally, as BR: Extreme is a battle royale mode, using it will allow you to complete Troi Story Missions and gain prizes (BP, Chicken Medals, and Tier Points).

PUBG New State: P90 is a new weapon

This SMG cannot be changed with further attachments and will ship with a regular tier-2 adaptable sight and a suppressor installed. It will fire 5.7mm ammunition, also available in the drone store.

New Gun Customizations for PUBG

Players can customize the DP-28 by adding a Flash Hider (AR/DMR) or a Compensator (AR/DMR) via the muzzle slot access. However, utilizing these accessories will lessen gun damage.

Beryl M762 [C2] Lightweight Stock: The Lightweight Stock will quicken ADS while minimizing bullet spread while shooting from the hip or shoulder. However, this modification will make the weapon less stable.

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New Actions and Animation Enhancements in PUBG's New State

Parkour Roll: By hitting the Roll button just before they touch the ground, players can do a roll to stop their fall. Players' fall damage will be reduced if they use a roll to halt their fall. You may also leave moving automobiles while doing this role.

Sudden Dash: Your character can burst into a sprint when getting up for a smoother and quicker movement transition when you are prone and want to dash ahead. Character Animation Improvements: There will be less movement delay when regularly switching between standing and sitting. There will be less of a movement delay when you land after leaping.

PUBG New State: Vol. 3 of the Survival Pass

PUBG New State: Vol. 3 of the Survival Pass. Picture: PUBG New State

Now available in Survival Pass Vol. 3. Ben Brown from GLC is the primary character in this Survival Pass. Players must complete all the narrative objectives to get their attire and look without paying anything. When you upgrade to a Premium Pass, you may purchase the Crystal Kingdom costume set. By levelling up this Pass before purchasing the next Premium Pass, you may get NC.

New State for PUBG: NC Store

You may now use NC to buy the following things from the NC Store:

Modify Your Nickname Ticket: This ticket may be used to change your account's nickname. It should be mentioned that you may only alter your nickname once each day.

30 days, 90 days, or 360 days in advance

Troi 150%, Troi 200%, Erangel 150%, and Erangel 200% BP Card

New State in PUBG: Balance Adjustments

Maps- BR: Original (100) - Overall: The Blue Zone will move more quickly. (90 seconds total.) In the early to midgame, the Blue Zone will do more damage. During the Final Phase, there will be a 20-second wait time increase. Deployable Shield (Normal) is no longer present. On the Battlegrounds, only the Deployable Shield: Wide Type is currently accessible. There will be a huge increase in Customization Kits available on the Battlegrounds. The number of drone credits obtained in Vermont will be somewhat reduced. BR: Original (100) - Troi Novas may be seen on major thoroughfares.

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New State in PUBG: Weapons

All handguns (HG) and shotguns (SG) now have decreased mid-air bullet spread.

L85A3: There has been a considerable decrease in the reload time.

M416 [C1]: There will be less bullet spread while shooting from the hip and shoulder.

Bullet speed won't now be decreased by this tweak, according to Beryl M762 [C1].

M16A4 [C1]: This modification will no longer reduce control over the recoil.

DSR-1 [C1]: This modification will no longer slow down the speed of the bullets. Instead, it will make vertical recoil more intense.

New State: Season 1 of PUBG

The first season has started, officially! Based on the highest tier Survivors attained throughout the Preseason, Preseason Tiers have been reset for all areas and modes. The ultimate prizes for achieving Conquerer, Master, and Master have been improved. Players that accomplish each rank will get special Season 1 skin, much like in the Preseason. Standards for evaluating Match scores and Tiers have been updated.

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