PUBG Mobile Regional Clash has already ended with a bang.

Credits to PUBG Mobile Regional Clash has already ended with a bang.

PUBG Mobile Regional Clash comes to an end with a twist!

Newsroom Sep 29, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details of the Grand Finale of the PUBG Mobile Regional Clash.  

The tournament was going on from 22nd September to 25th September 2022.
The winner was none other than the Infinity!

The PUBG Mobile Regional Clash PMRC has been quite an event, and people are still not over what happened in the tournaments. The final match was extremely intense with the best regions going against each other, and fans kept wondering who is going to be the winner, It was a tough match, and that made it all the more fun! In today’s news blog, we will get into all the match details of the Regional Clash Finale, and how the whole tournament went in general.

Who won the PMRC (PUBG Mobile Regional Clash)?

The Infinity is the Champions.
Credits to the Sportskeeda. The Infinity is the Champions.

For those who have not kept up with the recent tournaments, and have been wondering about who won the PMRC, well we have some interesting news for you! The tournament went on for 4 days, and it kept getting better and better. The winner of PMRC was none other than The Infinity, which is a team from Thailand. It came as a huge victory for the South East Asians as this was one of those moments where they went against a Chinese team, and still proved that they are the best in PUBG. Not only this, the matches were all extremely intense and were worth the watch.

Details of the Match

The Infinity has been performing extraordinarily well from the very beginning, and there was no question about how well they are going to do in the Finale. None of the teams in the tournaments could even close to them, and this made the whole region extremely proud of the whole team.

 Noozy is the MVP.
Credits to Sportskeeda. Noozy is the MVP.

What made the Grand Finale so intense was that The Infinity went against Nova Esports, which was a Chinese team, and this was quite the match for they are both extremely popular in PUBG. The Regional Clash had brought a new king in the realm, and people are going crazy over it. The other Indonesian teams could not stand against the Infinity, and Nova, and when they faced each other, this was something that they had not expected.

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The whole event was a $30K one, and Infinity had won a $6000 przie money. Overall, they had managed to win some 191 points, and had three chicken dinners overall. All of these were achieved in just 20 matches. A lot of fans feel that the infinity is going to rule the world of PUBG very soon, and they will be making sure to go above and beyond in all the high rated PUBG tournaments that they are going to participate in.

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